The ConMan&The Fugitive | Say When by Deia




  • Deia posted on 01.01. at 10:59
    Maja thanks for your lovely comments. I really means a lot coming from you! Im glad you liked it.I enjoyed to make it my sk inspiration is oficially back.squeeee

    Paul aww thanks Paul.Its time for you to make a new sk video. i MISS them.

    Nikki it was pure concidence. But that song is SO skatey i was suprise i hadnt see a skate video with yet. Thank you SO much bb. Im glad you liked it *kiss*

    klost004 aww thanks for the nice comment.Im glad you liked it <3

    eryn it was? it should be IS anyway thanks a lot bb.Im glad you liked it

    Sara THANK YOU!

    Heather thanks a lot.

    Kat thanks sweetie. My inspiration for them was ZERO.but after made it that find a way one, i just had to make another one.haha.
    thanks a lot for watching my skate videos even if you prefer jate
    it means a lot bb *kiss*
  • littleton_pace posted on 02.12. at 01:32
    another gorgeous skate vid Deia! your love for them comes off so well gorgeous colouring/effects, everything fab work!
  • Uruviel posted on 01.12. at 22:36
    Gorgeous vid! Great coloring & the vid went so well with the song.
  • nightdancer342 posted on 30.11. at 18:38
    Cool coloring and great vid!! Gold from me!
  • HobbitRockGod posted on 29.11. at 16:36
    Great vid! I really liked the coloring you chose as well as your clip choices. Vids like yours make me remember the good old days when Skate was my OTP! ^_^ Hehe. Awesome job.
  • klost004 posted on 29.11. at 14:37
    you have such beautiful coloring, style, beat use, effects...i mean really should i go on? everything flows perfectly...amazing from me!
  • nikkimonique posted on 29.11. at 14:32
    Yay Deia! I had requested someone make a Skate vid to to this song awhile back. Not sure if you saw that or its just coincidence, but thank you! Its better than I could imagined! Gorgeous effects and beat use as always! I especially loved the scene with sparks from the fire. In my favs and don't ever apologize for making Skate vids.
  • FrecklesPhoenix posted on 29.11. at 13:13
    You make the best Skate videos!!! I love it for the effects, the beat use, coloring, quotes, audio, song choice, scene selection, EVERYTHING. You just know these two in and out and make it look so good every time. Gold from me.
  • Polarbear posted on 29.11. at 12:32
    I really like how you put the quotes in there and the shimmery parts. Can't get enough skate videos from you
  • Lost-majs posted on 29.11. at 11:50
    Wow, this is one of my new fave vids by you hun! it's so beautiful! The song is perfect for sk and the edting is amazing! All your vids are amazing but this one is even more! I would say sooo many things about this vid, but I think I'm kind of speachless because of how awesome it is
    So I'm just gonna say GOLD, and hope you know how much I love this vid <33
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