Going Down Swinging by crazymol4588


  • phoenix39 posted on 14.09. at 23:35
    This video was great. I loved your use of zooming and the speed controls. It had a high energy and fast pace and kept it going to the end.
  • lost_freak514 posted on 16.03. at 17:53
    Love this vid! So funny and good! I love FOB!
  • crazymol4588 posted on 25.11. at 17:03
    Awww, thanks for the sweet feedback Aislynn! I have to say, this is one of my top favorite videos I've made so far. Don't you love it when you're making a vid and the lyrics just fit so perfectly? I had quite a bit of fun with the "friction in your jeans" line.
  • Aislynn posted on 21.11. at 01:09
    How have I missed this one until now???

    Anyway, this is a great song for a J/K/S vid. I loved it when the line about being a "notch in your bedpost" was applied first to Sawyer and then to Jack. Yay, equally opportunity womanizing!

    One of my favorite parts, though, came at about the 1:30 mark when the three of them are having their sort-of staring contest after Sawyer gives Kate the gun. The music's picking up and the cuts are moving in and out... It just worked really well!

    In fact, all of the ease in/ease outs worked so nicely with the music, some of them snapping the pictures into place right with the beats, like the ones at 3:00. A'ight! I LOVE that!

    Very nice vid!

  • sawyer posted on 16.09. at 15:43
    I love that song and that Vid is awesome.
  • crazymol4588 posted on 15.09. at 19:14
    Awww, thanks Nate! Making this video actually made me love J/K more.

    And F.O.B kicks major ass, Shann. I'm seeing them in October.
  • shann322 posted on 15.09. at 13:19
    great video! i love that song! fall out boy is my fav. band
  • lostzilla posted on 15.09. at 02:12
    First of all, I love this song. I was gonna do a vid to it too, but there are like 3 of em now LOL I was too late. Second of all i'm a sucker for Jate, and you did a nice job on this one, Molly. I love that "Wishing to be the friction in your jeans" line. Goes well with the clips. lol
  • crazymol4588 posted on 14.09. at 20:20
    Fall Out Boy is one of my favorite bands, and everyone seemed to really love this song, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
  • LVI Bot posted on 14.09. at 20:11
    "Going Down Swinging" 09-14-2005
    Kate needs to make a choice: Sawyer who will give her an adventure or Jack who will give her the love she wants.
    Song: Sugar Were Going Down by Fall Out Boy
    Vidder: crazymol4588
    Length: 3:47 (11.0 MB WMV)

    Link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=2m9mTbb4KR4

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