Thriller by Uruviel




  • Uruviel posted on 02.11. at 02:44
    Kat: Thanks! I knew you'd like the Claire-ness of this!

    Tammy: lol! Thanks!

    Paul: Thank you!

    Emma: Thanks!

    Kimmy: Yay for Halloween spirit! Thanks!

    Ais: Thanks so much!

    blackwolf: "Beastly creep", lol!!! Thank you!

    sweetevangeline: Thanks! Nah, not TOO weird to miss Ethan!

    Kate: Thanks!
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 01.11. at 13:36
    LOL Heather, that was so awesome! What a great Halloween video! To the perfect song, I might add! Perfect editing and twisted coloring! Hehe the evil laugh at the end with the clips of Ethan were so priceless, loved, loved, lovedddddd it!
  • sweetevangeline posted on 01.11. at 12:50
    Yay Ethan! Is it weird that I miss him a little? Hee Awesome vid
  • blackwolf1480 posted on 01.11. at 08:53
    Haha, I've been waiting for a good Halloween Lost vid to release! Ethan is such a beastly creep
  • Aislynn posted on 31.10. at 14:14
    Yay, Ethan! \o/ (What can I say? I ♥ Ethan, lol! ) What a fantastic little Halloween vid with all of that creepiness and creative beat use, I loved it! ♥♥♥!!!
  • klost004 posted on 31.10. at 10:27
    lmaooo this was great and creepy...really put me in the Halloween spirit!!! Happy Halloween!!!
  • emmasholi posted on 31.10. at 10:12
    OOoooh!!! That was so creepy! Especially that bit at the end where it stopped and you zoomed in on Ethan on that scary-ass laugh it actually made me go "ahh!" LOL Fantastic!...and Happy Halloween!
  • Polarbear posted on 31.10. at 09:22
    The effects changing to the beat were really cool. Really great to see Ethan again he's the perfect creep factor. Nice little Halloween video Heather
  • tjmack1986 posted on 31.10. at 09:17
    That was awesome Heather! The ending actually gave me cold chills!
  • littleton_pace posted on 31.10. at 07:47
    AHHHH! EVIL!LAUGH!!!!! lol, that actually made me shudder was so psyched to see this all based around Claire, you have no idea! Awesome work heather, great little vid
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