Fire+water - Vienna by Lost-majs




  • nightdancer342 posted on 07.10. at 20:46
    Aw, I love this! I really like this song, and I thought you used it in such a fantastic way! Really great video!
  • soapbubbles511 posted on 06.10. at 23:43
    I totally meant to comment on this... faved it on YT over a week ago... this is just sooo incredibly gorgeous... it even looks so soft and pretty.... and everything just flows so nicely and I adore your beat use with things like text and split screens and such... amazing job
  • Uruviel posted on 04.10. at 00:51
    WOW the editing in this is INCREDIBLE!!! Excellent Charlie vid!!!
  • Aislynn posted on 04.10. at 00:42
    First of all, your handling of the text was amazing! Really expertly done and it set a perfect tone for the rest of the vid! The split-screens were beautifully done and the coloring was so wonderfully warm and pretty! Awesomely done, from start to finish, I just completely loved it! Beautiful work! ♥!
  • emmasholi posted on 02.10. at 08:26
    WOWZA!!! I was blown away by this Maja, it just left me completely stunned!! The song choice was perfect and your lyric interpretation was just wonderful!! I loved the parts with young Charlie on the "so ambitious for a juvenile" unwrapping the piano and the "you've got so much to do" part. I really loved how you slowed it down on the where he got hit by the wave too, that looked so impressive! All the text with were just wonderful, I loved that kinda typing effect you had, and I particularly loved the one at 1:49 where you reduced the 'realize' to just 'real' I was like "WOAH!! How awesome and SO perfect?!". The colouring is absolutely gorgeous! Oh and I almost forgot!...I really loved the split screens you had in there too! I could rewatch this a billion times! Stunning work!
  • Lost-majs posted on 30.09. at 14:25
    *is excited that everyone liked her vid*

    Debbie - Thanks Debbie! *hugs*

    Jamielost - Yay, glad you like it!

    Lostwithoutdom - Thankies I'm so happy you thought the split screens worked out well!

    donna - Such a sweet thing to say, thank you!

    blackwolf1480 - Thanks a lot! This is one of my favorite episodes too. I generally just love Charlie episodes, and this one is no exception

    loudpaw - Lmao, thank you! I really appreciate it

    MysticWondering - I LOVE this song too! And it fitts so many characters so well Glad you liked the idea!

    nikkimonique - Thanks Nikki! The piano at the start and end of the video, was the hardest to follow It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to make it work. I'm glad you think my beat use is creative! That is exactly what I wan't it to be

    MeeMee - Aww thanks, it's nice to hear that you liked the effects

    xXAngelicEvilXx - Thanks! I usually vid videos with really strong beats, so the start and ending, with the piano was definitely a fun challenge!

    Jemmz - *hugs* Glad you liked the happy scenes of Charlie! Not a lot of them in that epi, so I had to look for a while to find them Anyways thank you!

    Aniallation - Thanks a lot!!

    Wickedgal - Thank you hun! My best work yet? It means so much to me, that you think that! Making you feel the sole of the episode is exactly what I wanted to do, so hearing you say that is amazing!

    Devera - Yeah Ikr? Poor, poor Charlie Thanks for commenting!

    littleton_pace - Lol, thank you Kat Fire+water is such a sad episode! I love it, but it's heartbreaking to watch I feel so bad for both Charlie and Claire in that episode. I'm so happy that you noticed the comparisons of Megan and Aaron! Being a dad/brother/part of a family, is so important to Charlie and I really wanted to show that

    Jinlovessunxx - Wow, thanks Kate!! *hugs* That comment put a big smile on my face! Weee, and you liked the slow up/down effects! I worked a lot with them in this vid, and it was so much fun I'm really excited that you like the result Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment!

    And thanks for the good lucks, everyone!! It means a lot to me
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 30.09. at 12:10
    Oh Maja, this video RULED! Well, they always do, but seriously I loved your unique creativity you put into this. I love this song sooo much, I never knew how perfect it could be for Charlie, and this episode! Awesome job with the lyric interpretation, I especially liked "you can get what you want or you can just get old" you had Charlie looking at Claire but he knew he couldn't get her. Your coloring was really cool throughout the entire video and your editing definitely rocked! With the words typing backwards on the piano beats, and I really liked how you showed some clips go really fast and then slow down like at 1:01 to 1:02, that looked so cool, I loved that!!!! Really amazing video on this episode, good luck in the contest!
  • littleton_pace posted on 30.09. at 09:03
    haha; the epic Maja strikes again with a Billy Joel classic adored the split screens and the blurred effect the clips had loved the comparisons with baby Megan and Aaron awesome look back at one of my fave eps; even tho it shattered our beloved PBJ for awhile lovd the effect you used on the text as well; fabulous job hun!
  • Lost-majs posted on 30.09. at 00:19
    Thanks a lot everyone! *hugs*
  • Devera posted on 27.09. at 21:06
    Beautiful beat use, gorgeous coloring, gave me teary eyes for Charlie...
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