A--hole by crazymol4588


  • PsychoCynic posted on 13.06. at 19:17
    I've seen this so long ago and never commented on it. WHY did I never comment on it? lol. It's a great vid. I actually initially thought of vidding a Sawyer vid to this song, but could never figure out how to do it. And you beat me to it.

    One of the funniest vids on LVI.
  • mistojen posted on 12.06. at 23:07
    HA! That was BEAUTIFUL! I loooooved it! So glad I stumbled onto it! I literally laughed out loud when you used Jack as the other guy yelling "Hey! Hey! You really are an asshole..." Brilliant!
  • crazymol4588 posted on 02.12. at 17:34
    Thanks DNP, MoreLight and capnlou! Great to still get comments on this vid.
  • MoreLight posted on 01.12. at 20:18
    That was really well done! It also was brilliant because it hits both audiences - the ones that truely hate Sawyer have to see it and the ones that love him have to watch this also! Excellent!

    I liked your interpretation of the lyrics. The intro conversation btwn Sawyer and Jack was a perfect setup. It was a very entertaining vid!
  • capnlou posted on 01.12. at 03:10
    mmm, yes, very nice, loved the intro, the part with Boone and shirtless a-hole the most.
  • D.N.P. posted on 10.11. at 08:15
    LOL! This song fits Sawyer perfectly, and the scenes go really well with the lyrics. Great vid!
  • crazymol4588 posted on 05.11. at 12:52
    Hahahaha, awww. Thanks Warren! Of course I love to hear any and all feedback.
  • Hobbes posted on 04.11. at 20:49
    I was watching this again with my mom and my sister (going over lal the tournament videos) and they loved it Just want to pass that along, since I figured you might want to know that
  • crazymol4588 posted on 17.09. at 14:33
    I'm really glad everyone's enjoying this video so much. I should definitly make more humor ones.
  • DriveShaft posted on 17.09. at 13:05
    I am going to have to agree with sawyer on that one. That was one of THE funniest videos i have ever seen!
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