Anywhere but here - Sawyer&Kate by Lost-majs




  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 06.09. at 06:37
    MAJA! Skateness beauty overload!!! WOW! This was so lovely and touching, the song was gorgeousness to my ears! Your coloring was so nice, especially your back and forth use of black and white to color which I love to use in vidding, it's amazing! Your editing was beyond amazing, it just flowed together beautifully. I really loved 1:27 the scene of Kate in the water and then you showed another clip of her horizontally flipped in black and white. This was a fabulous Skate video filled with love!!
  • eloramoon posted on 04.09. at 18:57
    That was FANTASTIC!!! Really really well done!
  • MeeMee posted on 04.09. at 14:11
    Amaaaaaaazing , love it
  • Wickedgal posted on 03.09. at 05:02
    woo go Skate! fabulous vid Maja! like i said in Spam you're vids are definitely worth watching and you're one of my fave vidders ever *Hugs* this was unbelievably beautiful! Gold!
  • Devera posted on 02.09. at 18:54
    Great song selection by Dreia! I love your Sawyer/Kate vids...beautiful illustration of their relationship to the selected music...liked clip choices such as wondering if the spectacular kiss was the end or just a beautiful unfolding.
  • OvariesOfSteel posted on 01.09. at 19:32
    You're one of the few I'll watch a Skate vid for, and you didn't disappoint! Beautiful song, beautifully executed vid.
  • Deia posted on 01.09. at 19:24
    you are my fav sk vidder and you never disappoint me. another amazing work babe.Im so glad you liked my song suggestion.This song is so beautiful and fits skate so well. You did an amazing job! GOLD
  • Jemmz posted on 01.09. at 10:44
    Beautiful, Majs! This was stunning! You beat use was fabulous. You make the vid flow wonderfully with the music. Gorgeous. Lovely, lovely work. Obviously a gold!
  • Polarbear posted on 01.09. at 08:39
    Great skate vid Maja! Beautiful lyrics that fitted skate so perfectly
  • emmasholi posted on 01.09. at 06:09
    GAH!!! SOOOOOoo gorgeous Maja!!! I adore this vid, your vids are always so beautiful! I think i might have said when I saw the preview but oh! I reeeally love that "you are beautiful inside" bit and I love how you showed all those adorable little looks and smiles they give each other!! Gorgeous, gorgeous vid! Ooh and I almost forgot, the colouring is really lovely too, love it!
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