Everyday by NepEnut



  • "Everyday" 02-27-2009
    February 2009 contest submission - tribute to Jin/Sun, Des/Pen & Bernard/Rose. Enjoy!!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Everyday by Rogue Wave
    Vidder: NepEnut
    Length: 3:41 (13.5MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: "Jun", "Despenny", "Ronard"


  • MeeMee posted on 14.03. at 14:01
    amazing , great, love it
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 06.03. at 21:54
    Loved Loved Loved this! It was so much fun to watch, i couldn't stop smiling the whole time. These three ships are so cute, and you really did a great job showing it. I loved the blind effect you did in the beginning and throughout the vid, that looked really nice! I can't get over how much i loved this vid!
  • Anonymous posted on 06.03. at 18:06
    Oooh! Very unique and well done! Liked the different color per couple as well, and also loved the split screens on that beige colored background! The beat use was fantastic! Good luck!
  • Aislynn posted on 05.03. at 16:10
    Oh, that was great! I loved how you assigned each couple a color and then stuck to it all the way through (I was especially impressed with those quick cut horizontal blind like moments when the colors stayed with their couple no matter how quickly things were moving! ). Very well done!

    For all the quick, precise cuts, it really does leave you with a very mellow, happy feeling! Great work, I enjoyed it a lot! ♥!
  • emmasholi posted on 03.03. at 11:59
    WOW thats was superb Abby!!! Awesome beat use, I loved that strip/colour changing (I don't know what to describe it as ) effect/style thing you had it looked so awesome and is so unique and creative! So sweet and perfect! I especially loved the Rose and Bernard bit on those lyrics in particular, perfectly chosen! Loved it! Good luck in the contest too
  • Uruviel posted on 02.03. at 23:25
    Cool vid, Abby! Great coloring and the beginning is really cool, the audio & the beat use!
  • NepEnut posted on 02.03. at 10:39
    Thanks everyone for your awesome comments!! I'm ecstatic you guys liked this one so much!! *mucho hugs to all*
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 01.03. at 08:26
    Ooh i love the video loved all the 'love yous' at the beginning! Great job on this Abby!
    I really like the cover of this song, very cool.
    Your beat use was great and I loved your colouring
    Great vid and good luck in the contest.
  • eloramoon posted on 28.02. at 20:41
    That was outstanding, Abby! Absolutely outstanding! The effects/beat use were really creative... the clips were organized so well, too, and I loved the colorization. Soooo awesomely well done! Solid gold!!!! Best of luck in the contest!!!
  • DJC Productions posted on 28.02. at 15:45
    Wow that was rediculusly good. Amazing beat use. I'd be very surprised if you don't win this contest.
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