Weapon by easilyjaded

  • "Weapon" 08-10-2005
    An alternative video about Charlie and how his drug of choice hurts himself and others.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Weapon by Matthew Good
    Vidder: easilyjaded
    Length: 3:33 (8.56MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Charlie Pace


  • KajaM posted on 10.03. at 04:01
    I had this video on my computer for quite a while now and I never made a comment on it, although I really love it
    It's awesome! Probably the best Charlie-video I've seen so far!!
  • easilyjaded posted on 16.09. at 13:54
    I can arrange something


    Click for the song!
  • LostFate25 posted on 16.09. at 06:37
    just thought i'd tell everyone here that i have looked EVERYWHERE for this song b/c i luv it! they don't sell any matthew good band cd's anywhere! I've been looking for it since i watched this vid and it's driving me crazy that i can't find it!
  • Mims_and_Jay posted on 02.09. at 08:36
    I know I've already told you, but I adore this video! It makes me cry! Well, almost. It's really good, so you need to get some more vids up soon. Please!
    Jay (Jess)
  • LostFate25 posted on 25.08. at 11:09
    I'm extremely critical when it comes to Charlie vids and i don't think I've ever commented on one b4. I have to say that this video is AMAZING. Perfect song/clips/editing...great job, you made this Charlie fan very proud
  • easilyjaded posted on 20.08. at 19:33
    Thanks so much Ivy! And I believe its in Matthew Good's CD "Avalanche".
  • Ivy posted on 20.08. at 13:52
    Thats such a great video WOW Love it.

    And that song is great. Got one CD from Matthew good, but didn't knew that one. What Album is it from?
  • easilyjaded posted on 16.08. at 17:36
    Thanks so much mercury and northerly! Your compliments really mean a lot to me, and mercury--I can't wait to see your Locke video!
  • northerlyartemis posted on 16.08. at 13:41
    WHATA VID! I'm a uk fan so I tried to look away from the spoilers but I just couldn't! The timing was excellant, the editing was seamless and the song choice was perfect! Nice one!
  • mercury_phoenix posted on 13.08. at 08:56
    *fake pouts* thats the same song i'm doing a Locke vid to! (or at least I was, until i needed a clip from deus ex machina)...i'm still gonna work on it, because its my best vid to date, so if you ever see another vid to "weapon", don't worry, i didn't copy you!

    That aside, amazing video! REALLY great!
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