Better Than Me by Lostwithoutdom



  • "Better Than Me" 10-25-2008
    October 2008 contest 3rd place winner! AU- Claire dies, and Charlie is left to care for their son. He misses Claire and starts to doubt himself as a father. Charlie copes with his grief the only way he knows how.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Better Than Me by Hinder
    Length: 3:00 (64.0MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 7.0
  • Characters/Ships: "PB&J", Charlie Pace, Aaron Littleton


  • Belxf posted on 08.11. at 03:27
    Awesome vid! Thanks a lot for the other link!
    All the manipulations were perfect, and so was the audio!
    Sooo sad and dark!! Loved the storyline and everything about this vid!!!
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 07.11. at 11:04
    Wow Morgan talk about awesome!
    Just to begin with the beginning scene was awesome
    Your choice of clips were really awesome as well
    Really great storyline, I really enjoyed it So dark and awesome.
    The audio was great as well really went with the mood the vid
    Your beat was also awesome Love the ending
    Amazing job on this Morgan!
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 06.11. at 20:55
    Thanks so much Emma and Heather! I'm glad you both enjoyed it!

    Bel: huh that's strange... I wonder why youtube isn't working. Here's a new sendspace link for you.
  • Belxf posted on 06.11. at 11:00
    Hey, Morgan!
    I really want to see this vid, but the Youtube link is not available in my country, and he sendspace link is not working for some reason... I've been trying to download it since yesterday, and it just doesn't work...
    Could you please post another download link, or make the vid available in other countries on Youtube, please??
  • Uruviel posted on 04.11. at 22:38
    HINDER! Awesome vid! Great AU scenes and I love the "Daddy!" at the end! So sad!
  • emmasholi posted on 04.11. at 07:44
    WOW that was so great, I loved it! Your AU scenes were so well done and totally beleiveable. And the end was so sad with Aaron seeing him and the "Daddy!" Awesome Job!
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 29.10. at 20:29
    LOST_Fanatic: Aww thanks so much!!

    lan-di: Thanks, but I'm not sure what you're talking about. My vid wasn't removed and the youtube link is working fine...
  • lan-di posted on 29.10. at 14:08
    Great video and idea! Congrats!

    But check your Youtube link. Probably they removed your video. Contact the councils to find a solution about the contest entry.

    Hopefully Sendspace link still works.
  • LOST_Fanatic posted on 28.10. at 19:23
    That was beautiful beyond words. I almost cried at the end, especially when you add Aaron call out "Daddy." I'm going to have to watch the video again later to get the full effect. Right now my throat hurts and I feel so tired. I'm hope I'm not catching anything.

    Anyways another great video as always.
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 28.10. at 14:30
    Kat: Thanks so much!! I'm so happy you thought all the maniped scenes looked real! It took so long to make everything look convincing, so I'm glad it all paid off. lol Thanks so much for those Wyatt scenes they were a life saver!! He really is the perfect Aaron.

    Tammy: Aww thanks *gives tissue* I'm glad you liked it!

    cagedfreedom: Sorry I know, i know your name but I'm blanking. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for the gold!!

    Kate: Thanks!! This sounds really sick, but I really loved editing the scene where Claire dies. lol I'm glad you liked it so much!

    VPnymph: WOW! Thanks!

    Jemma: You didn't have to make your comment so short, you know! I'm sure there was SOMETHING you liked. haha jk
    I had to find a way to add the "crumbling" line, it was just too perfect.
    Thanks for the awesome comment, I'm so glad you liked it!
    Love ya!! Thanks for the Gold!

    Toxic: Aww you're so sweet! Thanks for watching, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

    Nikki: Wow! My best ever!! That means so much coming from you Nikki, you're like the AU queen. lol Thanks for such a sweet comment, I'm glad you liked it!

    Elyse: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the end. It was hard to make it look like Charlie was lying there, but I think it turned out ok.
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