Joining the Cult by NepEnut



  • "Joining the Cult" 08-30-2008
    Jack tries to convince Sawyer to join a cult with isn't as easy as he thinks!! Enjoy!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Joining The Cult by Adam Sandler
    Vidder: NepEnut
    Length: 2:49 (7.98MB WMV)
    Program: Windows Movie Maker

  • Vid contains mature themes: Language


  • Devera posted on 23.04. at 17:45
    I just found this classic, and I have to say that it is so brilliant and very funny. Thanks for making it!
  • ciaimpala posted on 14.02. at 13:13
    This was SO funny!!! Every bit was perfectly lined up with the clips you chose.
  • mdael5966 posted on 01.09. at 05:00
  • NepEnut posted on 31.08. at 10:33
    Ais - Yay, I'm glad you liked!! I know - Jack made Sawyer join a cult...that Ben is the leader of. hehe

    Sassy - Yea, this is one of my favorite Sandler bits. I remember it cracking me up back in Jr. High! I'm really happy you liked it, and I think you nailed my favorite part as well

    Heather - Thanks!!

    Paul - Hehe...glad you liked Thanks for the crit, I'll have to look into that next time. The zoom feature in WMM kind of sucks, so that wasn't really an option for me. But at least one of the shots has blonde hair, so you could sorta pretend it's Sawyer? Oh well...maybe not

    Jemma - Thanks for your comment, I'm happy you liked!

    Ali - Again, thanks!!

    Nikki - Awww....I'm really glad you enjoyed this!! I love the line about the 'weird' haircuts too, and I think Jack's expression after that line is priceless I'm happy you found it unique to - I always aim for that

    Kate - Glad you liked!! Thanks! I love Jack's random yelling too - I totally had to use Jackface to my advantage!!

    Freckles - Thanks!!

    Freya - Omg, I am made of win? That is a honor. I'm really happy I get the Freya Seal of Approval. No seriously, there should be a banner for that or something....

    Emma - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed!!

    Eryn - Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it!!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments everyone! I'm glad the consensus seems to be that the lip syncing was well-done. I was kinda worried about that a bit Thanks! *hugs to all*
  • HobbitRockGod posted on 31.08. at 08:48
    LOL, that was hilarious! The lip synching was pretty good, and it was just so funnnnnyyyy.
  • emmasholi posted on 31.08. at 08:27
    LOL Abby, that was great! Loved the clip choices, their expressions are so funny and fitting! Fab work!
  • Captain Freya posted on 31.08. at 07:51
    OMG! Abby, you are made of win!! I don't know what that means but Suzy says it all the time and I imagine it's a positive thing! That was soooooo random and strange and awesomely done. It was just such an original idea... I love crazy Jack's little faces when he's yelling and Sawyer's like "whatever" faces.. Twas made of awesome!
  • Freckles08 posted on 31.08. at 07:36
    OMG that was hilarious Pefect Voice for Sawyer and the Clips were perfect
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 31.08. at 06:32
    Abby, this was so funny..your lip syncing and clip choices rocked! Hehehe, I loved seeing Jack being the one screaming and cursing..and all of their was so hilarious, and the end was just great. Good job!!
  • nikkimonique posted on 31.08. at 06:24
    LMAO! Abby I loved this! Its so creative and unique and funny! You did a great job with the syncing too! My favorite parts are "I wanted to watch the f***ing score!" "It's not going to be one of those weird haircuts is it?"
    "You're not mad they made you kill your father are you?" LOL it was all so random and weird! LOVED IT!
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