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  • WhisperofMagic posted on 15.09. at 17:28
    Evil computer gremlins! I am NOT happy about this - here's the newest link to my vid.
  • WhisperofMagic posted on 31.08. at 13:32
    Maja - Thank you! I thought this song fit really well from Claire's POV.
    Kate - Glad u liked to glow too.
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 31.08. at 08:35
    My god, this was gorgeous! I loved this. It was nice to see it from Claire's eyes, and you showed all of the good and the bad of Charlie and Claire's relationship so beautifully. The song was gentle and touching, and your glowy effect was lovely with the song. Beautiful job!
  • Lost-majs posted on 31.08. at 07:47
    Oh I loved this. Hope's song's goe's so well for PB&J. It has this relaxed and cute feeling about it that really fitts them good. Also I loved that it was from Claire's eyes we watched it. There is so many good Charlie vids about Claire. But we all do know that Claire loves Charlie too and you really showed that in this video:D
  • WhisperofMagic posted on 31.08. at 05:46
    Oh wow, I didn't think I'd get replys so soon.
    Aislynn - Thanks! I thought it would compliment her thinking about him wherever, whenever.
    Jemma - Thank you, I'm glad u enjoyed it!
    Alicja - Yea, that's how I felt when I was making it - I didn't want to make it too sad, just a little look at how there are...
  • aradnea posted on 31.08. at 05:31
    This is so beautiful. Loved it. Almost made me cry
  • Jemmz posted on 31.08. at 04:17
    Lovely vid! I loved the glowy effect and your editing was great! Loved when Claire saw Charlie. Good job
  • Aislynn posted on 30.08. at 22:31
    Oh, I loved it when Claire's eye opened and we saw Charlie like that! Very, very cool!
  • WhisperofMagic posted on 30.08. at 22:29
    ***Automated Message***
    "My Greatest Memory" 08-30-2008
    What is Claires greatest memory?
    Song: My Greatest Memory by Hope
    Vidder: WhisperofMagic
    Length: 3:36 (9.6 WMV)

    Warning: Contains Mature Themes

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