Not In This World Anyway - Claire/Malkin by littleton_pace




  • littleton_pace posted on 16.08. at 22:00
  • dduked posted on 16.08. at 18:39
    Excellent and different vid. Great job.
  • littleton_pace posted on 09.08. at 00:11
    Heather - Thanks hun! glad you liked it

    ais - i wanted to pick a Claire lie and Malkin always sticks out for me. he is the reason Claire was on the plane, after all glad you liked!!

    bel - yeah; i think its important too! glad it made you think about the truth behind that lie its a weird one to think about
  • Belxf posted on 08.08. at 12:21
    Awesome vid, Kat! Such an original idea! That really is an important lie in the show...
    The beat use was great and I loved the colouring and the stills picks, it all fit to create the mood of the vid!
    While I was watching the vid, I thought exactly what Jemmz already said, we don't know for sure what is lie and what is the truth in this vid, it really depends on what you think! That's pretty cool!
  • Aislynn posted on 07.08. at 23:27
    Amazing! I love how you picked a more obscure lie(s) and just really made it work! Beautiful beat use and editing and just everything, as usual! *applause*
  • Uruviel posted on 07.08. at 23:25
    Kat, you always come up with such different & interesting vids! Awesome! And great beat use.
  • littleton_pace posted on 07.08. at 04:36
    Karolina - thanks!! i get really bitter when I think about malkin his scenes with Claire have a bitterness to them, don't they?

    tammy - thanks glad you liked the freeze frames

    2ndTourofFinland - thanks so much im glad you liked it the song has that sweet heartbeat to it, doesn't it

    jemmz - thanks hun! there are two lies there. Depends on who you believe, I guess
  • Jemmz posted on 07.08. at 04:31
    *eyes pop out of head* This was genius, Kat! Very original imo, I'd never of thought of the Claire/Malkin plot line for the contest. I love the colouring and the beat use, the use of black and white still's were very effective, especially at the end. Wonderful way to finish it off To me, it seemed there were two possible lies; Malkin claiming that he is a fraud and lying to Claire OR that he was lying to Eko and he really did see Claire's future. This video has really made me think! Lol. Anywho, amazing job. I really enjoyed it!
  • 2ndTourofFinland posted on 05.08. at 17:42
    this was so awesome.. i loved the flashing stills on the heart beats in the song.. beat use was so well done in this... congrades.. i really enjoyed this.. good luck!!
  • tjmack1986 posted on 03.08. at 16:46
    Wow! Kat that was awesome! I love all the flashes and freeze frame you did, really added to the video.
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