Take Me As I Am (Aaron/Ji Yeon) by thebloomatic



  • "Take Me As I Am (Aaron/Ji Yeon)" 07-30-2008
    Aaron discovers Kate isn't his biological mother. Ji Yeon feels like there's something missing in her life. full plot on You Tube.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Take Me as I Am by Tonic
    Vidder: thebloomatic
    Length: 3:35 (89.1MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 7


  • thebloomatic posted on 30.11. at 18:14
    Joon: Thanks so much!

    Aw thanks so much!
  • CharliePaceisLove22 posted on 02.11. at 08:31
    OMG that was awesome! i love that storyline! it's so amazing... i loved the way you tied in most of the losties as well. great vid!
  • Joon posted on 01.08. at 12:14
    Wow, that was awesome!!
    Great casting and storyline! I loved the reunion at the end - great job!
  • thebloomatic posted on 01.08. at 09:01
    Lostwithoutdom: Thanks so much!

    littleton pace: Oh good i'm not the only one shipping babies. pheewww. haha. Thanks sooo much! Yup AU-ers hi-fiiive!!

    Uruviel: Aww thank you soo much! =D

    SassyLostie2: Oh come on Sassy it can't be the coolest video ever... But Thanks sooo much! by the way call me Clare

    riay night: Thank you! =)

    KajaM: Thanks sooo much, because i love your videos too!

    lillypop: Hehe Yay you ship them too! Thank you! =D

    charmed charlie: Thank you so much!

    buffyfan145: Thanks so much! Hahaha Cool sounds like Aaron would take after Uncle Jack. I also did a Clementine/Walt video if you haven't seen it and would want to check it out.
    "A Message (AU) (Walt/Clementine)" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8OP-AMqSKg Thanks again!

    LOST Fanatic: Thanks so much! & Thanks again for telling me about that!

    emmasholi: Thaaank you! =D

    HobbitRockGod: Thanks so much! Aw, do you know which audio? i tried and turned up any that i thought could be low over the music.

    foxy9: Thaaank yoou!
  • foxy9 posted on 31.07. at 14:27
    This is such a clever video!!!! I love the idea, and the way you made it work was so lovely!!! Excellent video!!
  • HobbitRockGod posted on 31.07. at 14:17
    WOWOWOW! I loved this! What a creative idea - and you pulled it off so well! I loved the end when Ji Yeon and Aaron were reunited with Jin and Claire...and ghost!Charlie was watching. My only problem was that some of the audio was kinda quiet, but that might be my computer. Awesome vid!
  • emmasholi posted on 31.07. at 11:38
    OMG WOW!!! That was SO cool, I loved everything about it! Such a fab and unique idea. I especially loved Claire and Jin's reactions near the end too. Totally aewsome!
  • LOST_Fanatic posted on 31.07. at 10:57
    What an amazing video and creative idea!!!! The characters you used to portray the the two work so perfectly. Not to mention the song was a great choice to use. Not only because it talks about not knowing their father, but because of the emotion in the song. The lead singer Emerson Hart's father was tragically murdered when he was just a boy.

    Again amazing video.
  • buffyfan145 posted on 31.07. at 06:09
    OMG!!! That was SO awesome and such a creative idea!!! LOVED the two you picked for Aaron and Ji Yeon!!! That SO worked!!! Plus, I love the idea of the Aaron/Ji Yeon paring, and them trying to find out what happened to their parents!!! Plus, fits with my idea that if there ever was a spin off, Aaron would take over as leader and the triangle would shift to Ji Yeon/Aaron/Clementine!!! LOL That was just awesome!!!
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 31.07. at 06:00
    Wow that was so awesome What a great idea, and I love how you used Chace Crawford as Aaron XD
    Just everything about this video was so good I really enjoyed watching it
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