Give Me Strength by OvariesOfSteel



  • "Give Me Strength" 07-26-2008
    Jack needs Kate to give him strength. (She IS his kryptonite after all...) Detailed summary at YT
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Give Me Strength by Over the Rhine
    Length: 4:18 (25.5 mb wmv)
    Program: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 8.0
  • Characters/Ships: Kate Austen, Jack Shephard


  • eloramoon posted on 27.02. at 21:18
    I'm seconding Becca's commendation on Jate-perfect song use. I love the effects, again... the layering you do is really cool! I loved the audio clip at the end, too!!! Really, very well done!!!
  • OvariesOfSteel posted on 16.02. at 11:53
    Thanks Becca! Glad you liked it
  • ciaimpala posted on 16.02. at 10:59
    Once again, you have managed to find a song that seems like it was completely written for Jate, and also you are quite the mistress of overlays!!! I loved this!!!
  • OvariesOfSteel posted on 27.07. at 07:40
    Thank you so much Emma
  • emmasholi posted on 27.07. at 07:39
    Really cool and beautiful vid Eggy! I agree, I loved the thunder overlays at the beginning, they were really effective! Fab job!
  • OvariesOfSteel posted on 27.07. at 07:15
    Thank you so much everyone! I like to think (and hear) that I've progressed from my choppy first vids (which were GH vids) so this means a lot!!! I searched FOREVER for the lightning and thunder.
  • nikkimonique posted on 27.07. at 06:16
    That was really pretty! I agree. I loved the overlays in the beginning with the thunder. It went really well with the the tone of the music. Your audio at the end was really effective too! Good choice! I'm going to go watch your other video now.
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 27.07. at 05:53
    Oooh awesome job I loved the thunder overlays at the beginning very cool Again the other overlays were very cool as well
  • aohora posted on 27.07. at 04:24
    OvariesOfSteel, you are the MAN! I'm not a fan of shipper vids in general (they tend to get repetitive). HOWEVER, your song choice, compilation and editing effects were right on. Excellent job!
    (I love your username, too!)
  • littleton_pace posted on 26.07. at 23:58
    that was really cool!! i loved the overlays and the colouring. the overlays of the lightning at the start were very cool. i also loved the 'i got your back' audio use. it's one of my fave jate quotes that rarely gets used so props to you for that great work!
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