Jack&Juliet - Be My Escape by Deia




  • Deia posted on 28.04. at 06:28
    joon Thanks a lot! i'm glad you like it! *hugs*

    Kate awww thanks a lot for your nice comment!!I It means a lot xD I'm glad you like it!!! *hugs*
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 27.04. at 13:56
    Oh Deja....you just blew my mind away.
    This video was incredible. The beat use was flawless and completely mind blowing! You caught every single beat possible in that song, and the song had awesome lyrics for Juliet and Jack and your storyline. The coloring was also very, very pretty which made the video have a more dramatic effect. Near the end at the slow scene was so sweet, because it looked like Jack and Juliet were lost in eachother's eyes. That was just amazing..
    Deja you're fantastic
  • Joon posted on 27.04. at 12:38
    That was awesome, Deia!
    The beat use was great and the coloring was also very pretty. Really great Jacket vid!
  • Deia posted on 27.04. at 12:17
    3529 wrote:
    WOW, that was brilliant, everything was perfect!

    aww thanks a lot!
  • ellibee posted on 27.04. at 08:41
    WOW, that was brilliant, everything was perfect!
  • Deia posted on 27.04. at 04:11
    Ana thanks sweetie! glad you like it!

    Charlie yes, me too, i was heard it and i said: wait a minute, this song is sooo jacket. thanks a lot

    Bel thanks hon! nice to see you here

    Uruviel thanks a lot, glad you like it!!
  • Uruviel posted on 26.04. at 23:16
    Cool video, nice beat use!
  • Belxf posted on 26.04. at 15:17
    Beautiful vid, Deia! Loved all the effects and the beat use was great!!
    And the song fit really well!
    Awesome vid!
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 26.04. at 14:43
    I love this song
    Great video, I didn't realise how much this song fits them
    Great work I really enjoyed!
  • Naphie posted on 26.04. at 14:01
    Already told you how great i think the video is!! Fits really well with Jacket!! Amazing job sweetie!!
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