Bitter Song - Kuliet/Skate by nikkimonique



  • "Bitter Song - Kuliet/Skate" 03-22-2008
    Kate turns to Juliet for love when Sawyer starts abusing her. This is my first Kuliet video and its dedicated to Kat because I know she loves Kuliet. I hope you guys like it!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Bitter Song by Butterfly Boucher
    Vidder: nikkimonique
    Length: 2:30 (22mb mov)
    Program: imovie HD
  • Characters/Ships: "Skate", "Kuliet"

    Vid contains mature themes: Language


  • nikkimonique posted on 23.08. at 18:40
    LOL my secret is that I'm a little bit crazy. but in a good way I hope.
  • Miss_Austen posted on 23.08. at 09:10
    It was more than beautiful ... it was sooooo perfect! What is your secret to do such awesome videos?
    Nicely done as always!
  • nikkimonique posted on 18.01. at 13:39
    Thanks Stacey. yeah it broke my heart a little making Sawyer so was little bit fun too.. Thanks for watching!
  • Kuliet4ever posted on 17.01. at 20:24
    Nikki, you know how I love my of course anything that showcases the ladies is great in my book. I also dont like seeing Sawyer as a bad guy...but if you're gonna turn to someone...why not Juliet
  • nikkimonique posted on 05.11. at 09:08
    Yeah the only t hing I don't like about imeem is its really slow, at least for me and the videos tend not to play back smoothly. ...could just be my connection though...its better than nothing though...but I'm going to upload this again to youtube with a different name on my backup and see what happens....haha *crosses fingers* Maybe it will last at least during the tournament....

    No such rejected it right away
    How does it know? Freaky!

  • cagedfreedom posted on 05.11. at 09:03
    argh for christ's sake this is soooo annoying!sorry to hear that nikki
    i may set up an imeem account now as well! *head-desk*
  • nikkimonique posted on 05.11. at 08:55
    youtube just deleted this! Ugh! So I'm going to upload it to my backup account and see what happens. I will post the link soon. I will also get up on imeem.
  • nikkimonique posted on 28.03. at 06:27
    Thank you Goa and Lilly! I really appreciate your comments!!
  • Giglio1985 posted on 28.03. at 05:37
    This was an amazing video and it was so believable!
    I liked it very much even though it was sad to see Sawyer as the bad guy!
    Fantastic job!
  • Gya posted on 28.03. at 05:06
    Wow, that was great... so sad! And great combined. Everything looked totally real
    Very well done
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