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  • "Save You" 03-02-2008
    Lots and lots of Despenny goodness... I just had to make a new vid about them after that fantastic last episode. The vid is about Desmond's undying, unconditional love for Penny. More than saving himself, he tries to save her from suffering and from being
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Save You by Matthew Perryman Jones
    Vidder: KajaM
    Length: 3:37 (29 MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas


  • KajaM posted on 26.04. at 06:01
    Warren: OMG, Warren, I don't know what to say... your comment left me speechless!! Thank you so, so much!! *hugs* You just made my day
    Unfortunately, I only have this one song from the singer, but I can sure upload it for you if you like. I thought about getting a complete album by him though since I really like his voice. I'll let you know once I have more songs by him.

    Thanks again for your amazing comment!!

    Naphie: Awww, thank you so much for your great comment!! I'm flattered. I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially since I've put a lot of my heart and soul into this vid (cheesy, huh? ). Thanks again!!
  • Naphie posted on 25.04. at 17:39
    I'm speachless.... This was awesoooommmeee!! I'm favoriting it (Youtube)! And giving you Gold here!! Just amazing!! So touching!! Great work!!
  • Hobbes posted on 25.04. at 16:05
    That was absolutely gorgeous. And just *perfect* for Desmond and Penny. I mean, that song - woah. And the visuals - woah! Just... woah!

    The beginning, Desmond's "intro", almost - so fitting for him. You captured him so well. I loved the "wanna believe I'm not too old" - and referencing his flashforward/back thing, that's basically taken years of his life away . So fitting!
    And then the "help me to make up my mind" - ACK SO FITTING! Blah!! It's just perfect!
    And the flip-through of shots as Desmond's standing still on the left side of the screen -
    And the end!

    (You should also know now that this song is implanted in my mind, and I'm going to end up obsessed with it for ages . And I'm going to have to now download everything I can find by Matthew Perryman Jones. I hope you're happy . I *might* forgive you if you can get me everything you've got by him )
  • KajaM posted on 13.03. at 08:11
    Maria: OMG!! WTF!! Geez, Maria, I had goose bumps all over when I read your detailed comment on my vid. Thank you so, so much!! You always know how to put a smile on my face!! I'm glad you noticed and liked so many little moments of the vid. I'm especially happy about your comment on the mirror scene becuase, aprt from Cinthia, no one else mentioned it I was beginning to think that this scene wasn't so good after all.
    Geez, I don't know what to say! I'm so thrilled!! Thank you again, hon!! *big squeezy hug*

    Ashleigh: Thank you so much, Ash!!! I'm so happy to hear that you even put the vid on your iPod! What an honour!! (I've been iPoded, WTF!! ) And yes, Des and Penny soo are the ultimate Lost ship!! I hope the writers won't mess with them...

    Luthien: Thank you so much for your comment, Luthien!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! It's amazing how this one episode caused such a huge flood of Despenny vids, isn't it. Then again, how can you not be touched by their story?
    Thanks again for commenting!!
  • Luthien3329 posted on 11.03. at 07:30
    So beautiful!!! It seems that Des and Penny are the most romantic Lost couple now. I love them! Great, flawless editing. And I love this border effect!
  • LOSTOnAnIsland posted on 09.03. at 15:51
    ZOMG! That was fantastic Karolina!
    I loved it all! The song, the clips, the border effect, colouring, interpretation -just everything!
    This'll be going on my iPod!
    Des and Penny really are the Ultimate LOST ship aren't they?
  • Belxf posted on 08.03. at 04:18
    KajaM wrote:
    Give us a yell if you need any help like a beta or something like that, ok? I'm always happy to help!!

    Thanks a lot, Karolina! That's so sweet! I'll give you a yell if i keep being stuck like that!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 06.03. at 14:49

    You managed to break me within the first 30 seconds of this vid. Wasn't enough that "In the Sun" still gets me sniffling!

    I love how the theme in this is "save you" without specifying who the "you" IS! Because for both Desmond and Penny, saving Desmond, means saving them both from misery and heartache.

    The beat use in this was wonderful - subtle, but so prominent! The coloring and texture blew me away! The split screens killed me dead ("don't wanna let you down" in particular).

    The lyrics interpretation were fabulous - "wanted to believe I'm not too old" and the manip with Des seeing his older self in the past - brilliant!
    "Watching it all go by" with Des' past overlaid on his mesmorized visage! GUH! Not only aestically, but cleverly, beautiful! "Was that really you" broke my heart!

    And I really, really loved how you dealt with "Something's gotta break..." and onward with the black&white images next to island!Desmond. Not to mention those lyrics fit soo perfectly with his life...

    The running down the stairs RIGHT after that added so much to the emotional part of this vid - Des just RUSHING to find Penny, any way he can, against all odds.

    Oh, goodness, this was a pure marvel, Karolina. Fantastic job, hon! ♥
  • KajaM posted on 06.03. at 01:47
    Give us a yell if you need any help like a beta or something like that, ok? I'm always happy to help!!
  • Belxf posted on 05.03. at 16:08
    KajaM wrote:

    Are you working on any new Lost vids, by the way??

    I was working on a vid... i was half way done, but now i'm completly stuck! i don't know what to do... but i hope i'll find a way to finish it!
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