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  • Aquilegia posted on 19.02. at 00:31
    Omg thank you guys youre great Im so glad you like it so much.

    Its an honour for me to hear so many positive compliments from you because everyone of you is such amazing vidder
  • Joon posted on 18.02. at 10:43
    Really awesome ensemble vid!
    Great job, I enjoyed it a lot!
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 18.02. at 09:19
    LOVED IT!!!! The song was perfect for Lost, and you did a really great job! I loved the ending, Charlie diving into the water and FATE overlaid on top. Very nice!!
  • ellibee posted on 18.02. at 09:15
    This is one of the best ensembles i have seen, really great!
  • Uruviel posted on 18.02. at 00:15
    I love ensemble vids, and this one was sooo well-done!
  • Jen posted on 17.02. at 20:54

    This is one of my favourite LP songs - it was a totally awesome video, too! Gold
  • nikkimonique posted on 17.02. at 13:45
    Woah! That was amazing! You gave me chills! I especially liked the Kate parts in the beginning and then the scene where Sawyer is looking at the picture of Cassie and the quick flash of his daughter! Woah! And then I loved the end with Charlie writing Fate on his hand! Well done!
    BMW V7
  • fabri086 posted on 17.02. at 12:48
    amazing vid! very well done! that was a beautiful ensemble!
    GoLd, of course!
    schrom pics
  • phoebekate posted on 17.02. at 11:02
    Amazing vid)Really!
  • Aquilegia posted on 17.02. at 10:56
    Deia : Thanks Andreia:)
    KajaM : Im really glad you liked it
    Naith : Thanks*
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