Keep Bleeding by Killers Angel Eyes




  • Killers Angel Eyes posted on 22.11. at 10:52
    Joon, Thank you!

    charmed_charlie, I'm not really a fan of her either and I only think the song is ok but I thought it fitted them. Thanks for the comment!
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 21.11. at 13:12
    Great Video
    I don't really like the song was never a fan of leona even when she was on x-factor.
    But you made the video brilliant Loved the vid great stuff
  • Joon posted on 21.11. at 12:39
    Aww, that was so cute!
    Great vid, I enjoyed it a lot!
  • Polarbear posted on 21.11. at 11:11
    Yep. It was a great video though I really enjoyed it. I suck at using fade to black myself I never know when to use it
  • Killers Angel Eyes posted on 21.11. at 10:18
    phoebekate, Thanks

    nikkimonique, Thanks, the kiss was fun to edit

    Polarbear, Thanks for the tips. After having rewatched the video for what feels like a thousand times I've decided I don't like the transition I used. I should have just let it cut to clips instead. Oh well, learn by mistakes And thanks for the comment
  • phoebekate posted on 21.11. at 08:59
    Amazing video!!!
    You are so talanted girl!
  • nikkimonique posted on 21.11. at 07:42
    That was really good. I loved how you cut the kissing scene! That was fun to watch!
    life during the great depression
  • Polarbear posted on 21.11. at 06:12
    I love this song. Yay for you making a Skate vid to it! It was so sweet. The quick changes of clips worked for the most part but sometimes they looked a little like errors but I know they weren't It's good to make sure when you quick cut that the clips match up in the transition else it can look wonky like it's a loose clip. The overlay you put around the clips looks really neat too. Lyric use and beat use was really good.
  • Killers Angel Eyes posted on 20.11. at 12:42
    ***Automated Message***
    "Keep Bleeding" 11-20-2007
    Kate falls for Sawyer but everyone judges the relationship warning her to stay away from him
    Song: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
    Vidder: Killers Angel Eyes
    Length: 3.37 (15.8mb wmv)


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