The Sound Of Silence by wolffootball37



  • "The Sound Of Silence" 09-15-2007
    Benjamin Linus has had to lie and kill to keep his leadership, and the secrets of the Island secure. But now his words fall to the sound of silence...
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: The Sound Of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel
    Length: 3:12 (60MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 7
  • Characters/Ships: Ben Linus


  • wolffootball37 posted on 20.09. at 19:59
    Savage_anna- Thank you very much!!! Im really happy that you enjoyed it. Im happy that everyone seems to love the song effects, which i was very worried about Thanks so much for the comments!

    littleton_pace- Thanks soo much for commenting Kat, i know you dont like Ben. The gray saturation effect is something i want to try and incorperate in an upcomming vid, so im happy you liked it! Thanks for the comment about the audio. Ha yeah i really love audio in vids, because it can really sell a story. Im very happy that you enjoyed this!

    KajaM- I hear what your saying. He just has such a unique backstory that most modern American/ European music cant really relate. But there has been some great stuff done for him.

    LOSTOnAnIsland- ASHLEIGH!!! Thank you soooo much for commenting. Im so glad you could get around to doing so! I really appreciate it. Im so happy you liked it!

    PsychoCynic- Well thank you very much for watching even though you dont like Ben. Thanks for commenting also. Im really thrilled you thought it was good!

  • PsychoCynic posted on 20.09. at 15:41
    I don't like Ben's character.

    That said, this was an amazing vid. I still don't like Ben but you could really understand why he's doing what he's doing. The voiceovers and clips you used (the lyrics were frighteningly appropriate throughout the whole thing, by the way) really added to the vid. I really liked the editing as well.

    This was a great vid, is what I'm trying to say. And you did a damn fine with it. Kudos!
  • LOSTOnAnIsland posted on 20.09. at 13:08
    Sorry I hadn't gotten around to watching this until now.
    Anyways, it was soooo worth waiting! It was AWESOMENESS, as all your vids are. I meam, holy crap it was just that good!
    The effects, the colouring, the audio, the song, even beatuse, everything was all just Perfect!
    Yay, I LOVED it! Awesome work dude!
  • KajaM posted on 20.09. at 01:38
    wolffootball37 wrote:
    I like Ben vids too, I want to try and do a vid for every character at some point. Though some characters are harder to find songs for than others.

    So true! It's quite horrible sometimes. I've been wanting to make a Sayid vid for AGES now, but I just can't find a song. It's kinda... impossible!
  • littleton_pace posted on 20.09. at 00:15
    that was really cool. i loved the gray colouring effect that was towards the end. and nice use of audio (im an audio fan too ) really cool insight into ben's life. i liked the beginning as well with him as a baby and young boy; seeing hit mother and all. really cool song as well, i had no idea it was so fitting for ben. nice work Trey
  • savage_anna posted on 19.09. at 12:53
    this is really good! First of all, song choice is fit Ben, and the whole storyline was heartbreaking. Really enjoyed watching this vid..effects was great, especially one with eye zoomming thing. Beat use was great as well, even so song itself is not fast, but you amazingly done some beat moments. Great work!
  • wolffootball37 posted on 17.09. at 10:16
    Aislynn- WOW that is weird. LOL is funny how that stuff happens, like ill see a vid here, and here that song like 10 times on the radio afterwards.

    Thanks so much for the comment AIS! Iím glad you liked the effects and thought they were fitting, because that was my major concern with them, that people wouldnít think they would fit, or be too random. Iím really glad you liked this (as goes for everyone) because I had a really fun time making this, I actually held off my August contest submission just to do this, so Iím glad it all turned out good. Thanks again!

    Karolina- Thanks Karolina, yeah I like Ben vids too, I want to try and do a vid for every character at some point. Though some characters are harder to find songs for than others. Iím very happy you like my song choices. My cousin got me into classic rock a few years ago, and I just love the originality and uniqueness of it all, but Iíll listen to pretty much anything if itís good. Iím glad you liked it and thought it was creepy! It is a pretty creepy song and I wanted to do it justice! Oh and on the slideshow part, I have a little Easter egg, itís nothing big, itís towards the end of it though. Thanks again for the comments. Iím soo glad that you enjoyed it!
  • KajaM posted on 16.09. at 22:19
    That was so great, Trey! I always love watching Ben vids, but unfortunately there aren't too many of them. So a huge Yay! to that fact alone!

    I really gotta tell you that you have a great taste in music and your song choice is always superb! A great song for a Ben vid! The first lines ("hello darkness, my old friend") to the scenes of young Ben and the ghost of his mom really gave me shivers. Same goes for the line "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls" and then we see that creepy slideshow. Very good interpretation of the lyrics!

    Enjoyed it heaps!
  • Aislynn posted on 16.09. at 20:20
    You know what's weird? I just had this song rotated in on my playlist and kept thinking, "You know, I'd love to see a great vid done to this one!" Not that I wanted to do it, mind you... I just wanted to see it! And then here I come in and see you've done it! *applause*

    Wow, that was FANTASTIC! I loved the audio bits! The effects were really nicely done and very fitting for the song and the story! AND the beat use was marvelous! I really loved the parts where you removed the background and just left Ben, like at the 1:44-ish mark! Really, really cool!

    I enjoyed it a lot! ♥!
  • wolffootball37 posted on 16.09. at 16:25
    Heather- Thanks for commenting!!! Im glad you thought it was unusual and cool!!! Thanks for watching!

    Truthisbeauty- Thanks, yeah the song is great isnt it. Im glad you liked it!

    Deia- Thanks! Im happy you liked the coloring and effects, what i was trying to do with the coloring was kind of refrence back to the purge, like at the end where the people are a bit dissaturated. Thankd agian!

    Cynthia- Thanks soo much for commenting! Im glad you liked it. It means allot to me!!!
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