Saint Robinson in His Cadillac Dream (Boone) by thefilmchick




  • eloramoon posted on 26.03. at 12:43
    This is my favorite of your vids that I've watched so far! I think you have a really coherent story in this one, which also allowed for good lyric use. I *loved* the way you used the ballerinas. I also liked the way you drew parallels between on island, off island stuff. My favorite was the line that was something like "people aren't always what they seem" where it showed them S&B in Sydney during their kerfuffle, and then showed them huddling together in the trees. Loved it! Great job!
  • thefilmchick posted on 21.08. at 18:18
    Thanks! Yeah, WMM Vista with a bunch of effects packages including colors, splitscreens, etc. installed. The photo stuff on Fanatic Heart was half from one of the effects packages, half by hand. I'm competent enough with XML; one of these days, I'm going to try and actually write my own effects.

    Vista Moviemaker works a whole hell of a lot better than Moviemaker 2, which would crash and burn on me every ~20 seconds of vid-time. I'm also on a much better laptop, like I said, so that doesn't hurt.
  • wolffootball37 posted on 21.08. at 17:58
    great vid! I love vids about boone and shannon, especially good ones! Hes such a great character, but rarley explored because of his very short departure from the show. Wonderfull interpritations and effects though, your using WMM Vista right. Damn that program is like a little minerature vegas, it seems you can sure do allot with it!
  • thefilmchick posted on 21.08. at 17:28
    Thanks, PrincessSparkle! Yeah, I'm slowly getting competent with WMM, and I'm finding it can do more than I thought it could (especially on a new laptop, with a heck of a lot more RAM). Glad you liked it!
  • PrincessSparkle posted on 21.08. at 16:27
    wow! that was amazing! especially as it was made using WMM! Wicked vid
  • thefilmchick posted on 20.08. at 14:36
    Hee. Thanks again, Kaja (and thanks for the council pick, Council folks! My first non-ensemble to get a pick, hurray - now I'll have to work on a kickass Sawyer or Sayid one to be more representative of my stuff, heh.)

    (One of these days, I'll use 'Rain King' (Sawyer?), as I love that song. I wonder if I would get an A for effort for trying to use all 8ish minutes of 'Mrs. Potter's Lullaby,' although it doesn't quite fit 'Lost' as exactly as I'd like.)
  • KajaM posted on 20.08. at 13:00
    That was sooo good! It's quite a pity that we don't get more Boone character vids cause he was such a wonderful character on the show.

    Anyway, not only because I love Boone as well as the Counting Crows, but also because you did a great, in-depth character study here. The effects are nice as well, but it's indeed that close look at Boone and the people in his life that I loved the most.

    Great job!
  • thefilmchick posted on 20.08. at 09:46
    Uruviel: Thank you!

    mistojen: Yeah, I kind of wanted to softball the death, if you will. There's enough lyrics that relate directly to it in the song that going 'OMG DED' over and over would have ruined the effect of that verse. Besides, it's a fairly upbeat song, and so 'OMG DED' would just be whiny and wouldn't fit. Glad you liked it! I'm trying to do characters (Charlie, Boone, etc.) I haven't vidded before. Still not ready to do a Jack video, though. Heh.

    (Edit: Weird. I didn't quote anyone and it inserted Uruviel's quote with '88' as the username, presumably her board ID? Dunno why.)
  • mistojen posted on 20.08. at 04:56
    Oh wow, I really loved those ripple and dissolve effects and this vid was so good! *snuggles Boone* BOOOOOONE! So glad to see a vid that's not only about him, but really enjoyable as well and not COMPLETELY focusing on his death *is guilty of that and hangs head in shame*
  • Uruviel posted on 19.08. at 23:55
    Nice video! Love the effects and I like the "spinning" part with the wheelchair. Nicely done!
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