Grindlost by secret_neo



  • "Grindlost" 08-16-2007
    Dr. Shephard, his prescription, PAIN! A Grindhouse crossover.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: by
    Vidder: secret_neo
    Length: 2:12 (8MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble

    Vid contains mature themes: Language


  • SassyLostie2 posted on 21.08. at 11:28
    OMG! Gold star all the way. That was freaking awesome, I've never seen such amazing lip syncing and the clip choices were great! I haven't seen the movies, but it almost makes me want to...until I remember that Sawyer isn't actually in it.
  • wolffootball37 posted on 20.08. at 10:55
    Great job! I never got to see this film in theaters though i am a huge fan of both directors. Excellent job at lip synching!
  • thefilmchick posted on 17.08. at 22:26
    Haha at El Wray, too. I agree with that casting.

    I thought the lip synching and the film 'aging' was spot-on. What struck me was that you had a good use of silence/negative space that helped the lip synching. Sometimes, people don't use the silence in the videos, but you used it well and it helped for pacing. Well done.
  • PsychoCynic posted on 17.08. at 18:56
    Clever idea!

    A very smart idea with great clips and wonderful lip-syncing. Great work!
  • littleton_pace posted on 17.08. at 06:09
    That was so cool! I loved Jin as El Wray, that was perfect casting right here. and Doc Block lol. Sawyer's lip syncing all through the second movie was spot on. great work! loved it
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 17.08. at 05:56
    wow that was bloody awesome, i loved it alot
    The lip syncing was brilliant and loved the the characters used.
    The bit which made me laugh 'especially if it's your dad' i love that line
    Great work
  • Killers Angel Eyes posted on 17.08. at 05:55
    That was awesome! The syncing was brilliant!
  • krozure posted on 17.08. at 03:36
    That was amazing! The beat and lip syncing was absolutely perfect.
  • Aislynn posted on 16.08. at 23:54
    That was AWESOME! The clip choices, the "casting" of the Lost characters, the lip sync, the beat use, just the idea itself was fantastic! Completely unique and inspired!
  • secret_neo posted on 16.08. at 22:44
    ***Automated Message***
    "Grindlost" 08-16-2007
    Dr. Shephard, his prescription, PAIN! A Grindhouse crossover.
    Song: - by -
    Vidder: secret_neo
    Length: 2:12 (8MB WMV)


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