Walk Like an Egyptian by wolffootball37



  • "Walk Like an Egyptian" 06-15-2007
    May 2007 contest 1st place winner! A crazy, kind of cheesy vid about Mikhail
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Walk Like An Egyptian by The Bangles
    Length: 2:26 (58.2 MB WMV)
    Program: Sony Vegas 7
  • Characters/Ships: Mikhail, Ensemble


  • wolffootball37 posted on 23.06. at 10:05
    ooangeliceviloo wrote:

    There's a Sony Vegas 7?!


    I have Sony Vegas 6.

    Yeah vegas 7 is great! I havnt used 6 though.

    Krozure- Thank you. Im very glad that you enjoyed it!
  • krozure posted on 19.06. at 19:44
    Gahh that was AMAZING! ahh your effects are brilliant, the beat was perfect and the scenes were funny and fit well ^^. I especially loved it when you had the three small scenes displayed on the scene. brilliant brilliant!
  • Anonymous posted on 19.06. at 15:06

    There's a Sony Vegas 7?!


    I have Sony Vegas 6.
  • wolffootball37 posted on 19.06. at 13:45

    Hobbes- WARREN!!! Im very glad you liked the humor, i tried to make it funny, but wasnt sure if anyone else would think so. Thanks soo much!
    Also, you are like the master of effects!

    Uruviel- Thanks allot Heather. Im glad you liked it!

    Charmed_Charlie- HEHE Thanks charlie!!! yayy more fangirls!!! Glad you liked it!!!

    Azzurra13- Thanks for the comment. Thanks for noticin the 80's style editing!!! Yeah i havnt herd the song in a while either. thanks agian!

    ooangeliceviloo- Thanks for saying my ideas are creative! Im glad you liked the humor, and the bit at the end! I use sony vegas 7. thanks agian for the comments!
  • Anonymous posted on 17.06. at 12:03

    You have such creative ideas for your video and you do an excellent job of bringing them into the vid itself and making it look great!

    I especially loved the part with the Krispy Kreme hat, hahah, and what you put on your credits at the end about the cardboard box, heh.

    I also like that this was a Mikhail vid...you don't see alot of those.

    You deserved first place for your originality, creativity and increasing talent in vid-making!

    What program do you use out of curiosity?
  • azzurra13 posted on 17.06. at 04:08
    Yay love Mikhail You showed..I haven't seen that song like for ages...love the colours and the beat use , plus the 80' style editing

  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 17.06. at 02:13

    congrats on first place
    That video was just so creative it rocked my socks off just awesome
    I'm joining the fan girl club too

    loved the video the donut shop LMAO haha
    anyway awesome video loved it 100%
  • Uruviel posted on 16.06. at 23:42
    WOW Trey, that is just about the most creative vid I've seen! Congrats on your totally deserved 1st place!!!
  • Hobbes posted on 16.06. at 23:27
    That was brilliant! LOL That's like, exactly the kind of dark humor that the 80's contest needed . A very well-earned first place!
    Also, you are like the master of effects!

    I "LOL"ed at the doughnut shop part, just so you know - brilliant.
  • cylune posted on 16.06. at 19:42
    wolffootball37 wrote:

    LOL If it makes you feel any better Cinthia, my next vid is a Charlie one!!!

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