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  • wolffootball37 posted on 08.06. at 11:05
    Thanks allot! Im glad you liked it!!!
    Teach me Sensei.....I...a young...grasshoppa...could use your guidance.

    wow im honered you want my advice. You are already a really good vidder, but what i did was i watched allot of other peoples videos around here, you really get a feel of what works in a vid, and different ideas will pop in your head also. Thanks agian for the wonderfull comment!!!
  • Anonymous posted on 08.06. at 06:45
    Wow! That video was absolutely amazing! The effects, the beat use, the audio, everything!

    Teach me Sensei.....I...a young...grasshoppa...could use your guidance.
  • wolffootball37 posted on 31.05. at 00:18
    monkeycatrabbit- very intresting username! Yes Desmond does rock! thanks for the comment!

    Ash- Yes! after 2 months (where 1 and a half of them were me playig the song super fast or using the pinch/punch to make desmonds nose look huge) i finished it! Im very glad you liked the effects and clip use! thanks allot for commenting! Yay anouther fan girl! Paul, if it makes you feel any better, im in the hetero guys that love paul club!

    KC- YAY! thanks for the comment, yeah i remember reading an old post saying you would never want to see a creed vid, and i was really worried you werent going to bother watching it, but you did, thank you! I always appreciate your imput. Thanks agian for the comments!!!

    oh, also thank you very much for gold viewer pick and council pick!!!
  • SuperKC posted on 30.05. at 23:12
    Damn great vid Trey! Even though I hate Creed like woah. (You have no idea!)

    The beatuse/transitions/effects was awesome! Loved your clipchoice. And it was a really nice summation of Des thus far. Great work!
  • LOSTOnAnIsland posted on 30.05. at 08:48
    Yey you've finished it! Squeeee
    I totally LOVED it!
    Your effect were AWESOME! Especially the clips in the photos! And I loved the clip of Penny at the top of the hatch.
    Beatuse was Excellent!
    Oooh liked the song too.
    Nice work brothaa. You totally rock. Joins the Trey fanclub!

    PS- Pauly I still love you too!
  • monkeycatrabbit posted on 30.05. at 02:29
    Desmond rocks!
  • wolffootball37 posted on 29.05. at 16:00
    thanks agian Ais! And one can never have too many fan girls!

  • Polarbear posted on 29.05. at 14:56
    Hands off my girls Trey!
  • Aislynn posted on 29.05. at 09:30
    wolffootball37 wrote:
    I’m glad you liked the photographs. That part was really inspired by you, using different gimmicks in your vids. I just thought, what could I do to make vid a little bit unique. I’m really glad you liked the ending, It was 3 in the morning and I was almost finished. I just needed something that tied up both the penny story and Charlie’s story, so that moment in the middle with Charlie’s death wasn’t totally random. The idea was very spontaneous, and I was very unsure if it would work, im glad you liked it though, thanks again for commenting!!!

    Awwww, I feel very honored for you to say that! *blush* I'm so glad if I could contribute something, even indirectly!

    You know, sometimes those spontaneous ideas turn out to be the very best! It really did tie up the ending so nicely and just felt "right," IMO! *saves from zshare link*

    KajaM wrote:
    Awesome vid, Trey!! Can I be your fangirl?

    *waves hand excitedly* Ooo, me too! Me too! Can I be your fangirl, too?
  • wolffootball37 posted on 29.05. at 09:19
    Thanks for the comments Uruviel and Azzurra13! im glad you liked the vid!
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