Ridin Dirty by Ethans BFF


  • wolffootball37 posted on 10.05. at 20:01
    Hehe! I liked it! My friend i drive to school is really into rap, he asked if anyone made lost vids to rap music, now i got something to show him!!! good job!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 10.05. at 12:49
    Definitely a brave choice of music to vid to. You hardly see any hip-hop music vids.

    Pretty good job with this too! I liked the beat use and lyric intepretation most of all.
  • Ethans BFF posted on 06.05. at 08:55
    ***Automated Message***
    "Ridin Dirty" 05-05-2007
    Everyones trying to catch Jack and Sawyer ridin dirty...
    Song: Ridin Dirty by Chamillionaire
    Vidder: Ethans BFF
    Length: 1:39 (4.5MB WMV)

    Link(s): http://youtube.com/watch?v=DRwq6MMvbr4

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