Mr Brightside by P Chan


  • lost_freak514 posted on 16.03. at 17:55
    Great vid! I love The Killers! Good job!
  • P Chan posted on 17.11. at 22:14
    Yes it inspired me to use this song for a triangle vid. Should I have given credit? I didn't think it was that similar. But then, I haven't seen the HP one in a while, when I made this one. I am really sorry, if it seems like I copied it t much, but I didn't do it on purpose.
  • lost_too posted on 17.11. at 17:14
    This video is really, really similar to a Harry Potter one I saw with the same song. I noticed the HP one was made first, did that one inspire you...a lot??? LOL.
  • P Chan posted on 11.11. at 14:22
    link down.
  • Kate Ford posted on 07.11. at 09:29
    I would LOVE to see this video, but the link has gone dead. Does anyone have it so that I can watch it. I was listening to this song in the car on my way to work this morning and I found myself saying "wow this would make a GREAT S/K/J love triangle song" so I'm absolutely beside myself with excitement at the prospect of one floating out there in the ether!
  • Hobbes posted on 08.10. at 14:19
  • P Chan posted on 07.10. at 13:41
    *lowers head in shame*

    I didn't really have the time to work on my video. But it's nearly done now, only twenty seconds or so left. I'll hopefully finish it as soon as I'm back from my vacation. Give it another two weeks.
  • Hobbes posted on 06.10. at 16:55
    I just heard this song agina and it reminded me of this perfect video. I hope you're making more Veronica You said you were on your way with a video, so where is it? lol
  • SimbiAni posted on 13.07. at 15:15
    LoL Veronika! So, you basically have the opposite problem I do- that you think there's *too little* to work with! Hehe, while I think tv with its hours and hours of episodes and whole seasons (and for all shows I mentioned minus Lost, would be more than 3-4 seasons each, at least- to work with) are just overwhelming to me at the moment... LoL.

    But the vids I've done have come out pretty great, I love the challenge of making a song fit to a movie, altho the first part is finding a song that fits lyricwise (gotta love the irony of "Climbing the Walls"). And every movie I've done so far, the scenes have been in movie order, which some might say is even more difficult if they prefer to mix & match lyrics & scenes, etc. With the exception of two vids- for "Anastasia". Those ones- "Tell Him" and "You're Beginning to Get to Me"- had mixed scenes becuz they werent so much movie-themed as shippyness. Movie-themed keeps scenes in order to tell the movie's story with the song, to me.

    I havent seen many Buffy/Angel vids yet (seems everytime I come across one I might be interested in watching, the link is dead) but I've seen a few good ones. I think the key to doing something new and unique and not cliche/overdone is to avoid Top40 songs, probly. Try going thru the other songs (non-singles) on your fave albums, for inspiration, see what you come up with ^_^ I get ideas that way all the time, hehe.
  • P Chan posted on 13.07. at 14:59
    MovieGuy: Yep. Evil WMM. Lately, my timeline has been kind of messed up. Hopefully I'll have more time to continue with my next vid soon.

    Ringwench: Thanks, glad you liked it. Btw. your Clint Easwood vid was awsome. Perferct for Locke.

    SimbiAni: I find making a vid for a movie rather difficult, because you usually don't have much to choose from. And I also always wanted to do Buffy and Angel vids, but now that I finally have the DVD, I fell like everything has been done already.
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