Any Other World by charlieclaireAAF




  • OpenMouthWideEye posted on 03.06. at 18:55
    I really liked this. Wonderful concept, and great job keeping with the beat. It really built the anticipation, and the final bit brought it to a nice conclusion.
  • Uruviel posted on 25.04. at 22:50
    Great ending!
  • cylune posted on 25.04. at 18:45
    Great job! Nice storytelling, original concept and nice lyric interpretation. The ending was AWESOME. Great way to build your climax.
  • lost in sawyer posted on 25.04. at 04:35
    i loved your video, this is one of my favorite mika songs, you did an amazing job!!!
  • IamSoLostRightNow posted on 24.04. at 17:34
    The lyric interpretation was amazing. You chose really nice reactions for the characters, especially for the smiles and the "take a bow". I loved how the plan crashed on the beat. I the entire PB & J saga in the last 30 sec was great. Very nice!
  • charlieclaireAAF posted on 24.04. at 12:25
    ***Automated Message***
    "Any Other World" 04-24-2007
    Charlie and Claire say goodbye to their old lives, to start a new one together
    Song: Any Other World by Mika
    Vidder: charlieclaireAAF
    Length: 3:49 (24.2MB WMV)


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