Clothes Of Sand by cylune



  • "Clothes Of Sand" 04-14-2007
    Sayid and his struggle with his past.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Clothes Of Sand by Nick Drake
    Vidder: cylune
    Length: 2:32 (17MB wmv)
    Program: Sony Vegas
  • Characters/Ships: Sayid Jarrah, Nadia


  • cylune posted on 26.02. at 15:54
    3896 wrote:
    I am sad this isn't on YT of my fave Sayid vids.

    I have issues with youtube. *sigh*

    Here's a download link if you're still interested. Thanks for the nice comment.
  • OvariesOfSteel posted on 10.02. at 15:58
    I am sad this isn't on YT of my fave Sayid vids.
  • cylune posted on 02.05. at 18:31
    Isn't Sayid great??? Love the guy. Thanks for the nice comment Luka.
  • Luka posted on 01.05. at 08:31
    Ok, I´m totally late on this, but just
    And this is what I call a great video!
    Sayid! OMG! The effects on this video are just brilliantastic used. Seriously, one of your bests, for sure. I just loved!
  • cylune posted on 20.04. at 18:55
    Thanks Warren! Painting in motion!! I love that!
  • Hobbes posted on 20.04. at 18:21
    Sorry it's taken me so long to comment on this one!
    Gorgeous work! It was like a freaking painting in motion! I love those effects you used, and the song fit so nicely to Sayid... Nice.
  • cylune posted on 18.04. at 09:36
    Heather - LOL!! Sayid, the under-vided! I love it! Thanks for the nice comment.

    Karolina - Thanks for the two comments!!! It's frustrating to loose posts. As for how I did the sand texture, I took a very large texture (something I may use a little too much when I make graphics ) and applied it against a new timeline for the whole video. I changed the screen setting to 'Overlay' (I don't remember how it's called - I'm at work - but there's many option at the right of your timeline and it's one of them... I think it's close to the mute button) and then I changed the opacity of the texture to get the desired effect.

    Nice observation about Shannon... I love Sayid but it's no secret that I hated this romance. Sayid forgets the love of his life and falls in love with the first cute, young blond he encounters on the island. I never bought it... I wish he would have stayed true to Nadia.
  • KajaM posted on 17.04. at 23:45
    Sorry about my very late comment. I tried to post a comment on your vid already about four days ago and then the site crashed again.

    Anyway, this vid is sooo wonderful, Cinthia!!! I loved every single part of it! The split screens are great, the "sandy" look fits very well (how did you do this effect?) and so does the black border. More important though, the atmosphere you created in the vid is just great and I love how you portrayed him. I especially like the fact that you made a wonderful "Sayid only" - vid, i.e. that he is without Shannon in this vid because he is so much more than just her ex-lover.

    Wonderful vid, hon!!
  • Uruviel posted on 17.04. at 22:16
    Very pretty vid Cinthia!!! And it's great to see a Sayid vid, he's so under-vidded!
  • cylune posted on 16.04. at 19:37
    Oh, Oh, Oh, someone noticed it was supposed to be a sand texture!!! Yay!!! Thanks so much Aislynn.
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