Gaston/Jack by Lilly_monkey




  • no1slayer posted on 01.02. at 06:52
    Brilliant !!!! that songs gonna be in my head all day now
  • AnnieBW posted on 29.01. at 18:18
    ROFL! Good job.
  • lors-x posted on 28.01. at 14:12
    what was that out take of Jack tripping over from?!

    love the vid btw.. the close up of the butt.. mmmmmm hehe x
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 28.01. at 06:23
    haha thats just funny
    i loved the pic you used aswell haha
    its just mean to jack but funny
  • Hanne posted on 28.01. at 05:12
    and then the end hilarious
  • SnuggleWithJack posted on 27.01. at 19:16
    That is rediculously funny. Great job! My friends and I were cracking up!
  • LVI Bot posted on 27.01. at 16:54
    "Gaston/Jack" 01-26-2007
    A consolation vid for Jack...
    Song: Gaston by Disney
    Vidder: Lillymonkey
    Length: 3:43 (10MB WMV)


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