Bruised by ClaireBeauchamp




  • Ash13 posted on 20.04. at 03:49
    I love Jack's Mannequin and I loved this video too. Bruised is perfect for lost and I loved how you went through a few of the main ships. I loved the editing, beat use, everything. Well Done.
  • no1slayer posted on 16.01. at 16:01
    i agree really good vid and the lyrics matched really well. cool song the beat was catchy i think im gonna have it in my head for the rest of the evening. anywhoo liked your effects and how you had 3 couples in the vid and they all had their little sections. very cool and yay im your second comment lol
  • FrecklesPhoenix posted on 16.01. at 15:41
    Awesome vid!!!

    Really well done!!! I loved it. Especially the Skate at the end. Very nice. The lyrics went PERFECTLY!!! And I get to be the first to comment!! YaY!!!

    Again, well done. Nice effects/beat use/all that jazz. A+++ and fifty gold stars.

  • LVI Bot posted on 15.01. at 16:11
    "Bruised" 01-15-2007
    the love and hurt on the island and the plane...
    Song: bruised by jacks mannequin
    Vidder: ClaireBeauchamp
    Length: 3:55 (15.5MB WMV)


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