Sawyer and Kate love by celiaeja




  • Polarbear posted on 04.12. at 05:38
    That was really well done a great recap of the journey of Sawyer and Kate. I really liked how you mixed the scenes up with the voiceovers especially with the kiss and the you taste like strawberries and fish biscuits bit was my favourite part.
  • betty06 posted on 26.11. at 10:31
    I don't think i can add anything to say how great that vid was what everyone said above is true. Wow. That was excellent from the song running in the background to the clip choices it was so good i feel as though i should be a skater just for liking it so much. Great job, hope you make more like it
  • FrecklesPhoenix posted on 24.11. at 09:45
    That was really great. I don't think I can stress enough how well done that video was. It was incredible!! I'm blown away. Because, it was a shipper video, but it was more than that, you know? It had the entire scope of what Sawyer and Kate have been through together and is emotionally gripping, even for someone who isn't a Skater (heck even a Jater!!) and I think that's what makes a video special. This one is special. Excellent job. The colors and tones were good, the overlaying audio was a nice touch, and the song was pleasant and perfect.

    A+++++ and 50 gold stars!!!!!!!!!!

  • azzurra13 posted on 24.11. at 01:41
    I already left U comment on YT, but wanted to say here, how much I like Your vid:) Really stunning!!!
  • Charmed_Charlee posted on 23.11. at 08:19
    wow i loved that, i love the voiceovers you used, very lovely video and i loved the ending when sawyer says about there being nothing on the island worth staying for
  • meandi posted on 23.11. at 07:34
    I mean. Wooooow....

    This was just soo good. I was really, really touched by that.
    It totally like showed their love for each other, the real intense love...
    Ah, what can I say more than -- wow.
  • celiaeja posted on 23.11. at 04:21
    Thank, i want speak english more but my english is very bad , i am sorry
  • Skate4ever18 posted on 22.11. at 19:31
    OMG!!!!!! I think I came very close to crying and passing out all at the same time while watching this vid. It's a beautifully made video. I absoultely LOVE the voice overs with the scenes. You did an AMAZING job.
  • phoenix39 posted on 22.11. at 19:19
    That was amazing. I loved the ending. "There ain't anything on this island worth staying for."
  • Aislynn posted on 22.11. at 15:49
    That was a beautifully emotional vid! The Season 1 audio running over the Season 3 seasons worked SO WELL it was practically scary, highlighting the journey of how far they've come together. And the ending in particular just blew me away, to hear Sawyer saying that there was nothing on the Island worth staying for now contrasted with the final moments of the finale... Just plain awesome.
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