What I've been looking for by Jack_Luvs_Kate_4eva


  • leylin posted on 17.11. at 15:36
    is this your first vid??
    i dont think ive seen you on LVI before... have i?
    well, if u are new, then welcome!! im Leylin

    now, about your vid. im going to assume this is your first, if its not, lol, im sorry,. then you probably need a bit of help anyway, correct?

    well, have you seen Hobbe's begginer's vidding guide? if not, i think u should.
    the song,well, it was a bit annoying, lol. but thats ok. good job on choice of words though!! i understand if u listen to the words why you picked it.

    did you make those graphics yourself? if you did, good job, though i know ive seen a few of them around (lost-media for instance...),
    sometimes using graphics is good. In this case, I thought it was a bit too much. I think you need more video. for jate there are many places to get clips from if you need them. if u need specific clips and cant find what your looking for, there is the clip request forum. ( feel free to PM me if you need ANYTHING at all! i love to help!). the graphic in the begining is great though! usually in the begining and end is where you want your graphics (if u choose to use them).

    if your going to make a slideshow of graphics, using cool transitions in between them can really help!

    was it just me, or was the ending black? lol, well, u should really try finishing them before submitting them (or sound editing).

    overall, its ok for your first, ive deffinitly seen worse!
    and dont worry about what people say, lol, whats good about LVI though, is people speek their mind about your vids (which helps a lot, so you can get better!!). but most everyone is willing to help you get better!,

    what program do u use?

    hope that helps!, go ahead and PM me if u have any questions! (the PM is at the bottom of my post, i dont think your clueless or anything, i know i just had trouble my first time finding PM,lol.)
  • kristy-lost posted on 17.11. at 15:09
    I am really really sorry,really I apologize!!!!!!

    I never meant to be so mean!!!!SORRY!!!!!I feel very bad about what i said!!!
  • Jack_Luvs_Kate_4eva posted on 02.11. at 09:11
    ummm ok, i really aprreciate the "YOU SUCK" comment, guys this is my first ever vid, im just trying to get used to the program on how to make vids and such, and thanks for defending me btw. Check out my other vid "What ive been looking for" about charlie and claire, its a little better than this one
  • Aislynn posted on 28.10. at 19:03
    I'm fairly sure that nobody wants to hear that... Kristy, it's your right to not like a vid or a song or a ship or whatever, but honestly, how would you feel if somebody left a comment like that for you? Wouldn't that hurt your feelings? And for what? What could anybody possible learn from that? That doesn't say what you thought needed improvement. All that does is hurt somebody's feelings for no reason at all.
  • kristy-lost posted on 28.10. at 17:13
    o.o do u want me to be honest?

    YOU SUCK!!!
    pliz dont be mad
  • LVI Bot posted on 16.10. at 14:58
    "What Ive been looking for" 10-16-2006
    Jack and Kate realise what theyve been looking for, each other
    Song: What Ive been looking for by Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel
    Vidder: rianne1993
    Length: 1:56 (160kb WMV)

    Link(s): http://media.putfile.com/What-Ive-been-looking-for-44

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