Season 3 by Pierre



  • "Season 3" 10-10-2006
    Trailer of season 3
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Tribal Instinct by X-Ray Dog
    Vidder: Pierre
    Length: 0:58 (8.21MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • pumpkin_heart posted on 15.10. at 13:26
    Amazing video!! I feel like I should reply in French but mon francais, c'est tres mauvais! J'adore le video anyway
  • laura34 posted on 12.10. at 07:38
    WOW! That was an awsome video! Really good!
  • starsweetjunkie posted on 11.10. at 21:43
    Great great great, Pierre. I can't believe you can make the clips look better than the people at ABC. You should be able to get a job with them. Awesome.
  • hpfan2,342 posted on 11.10. at 13:16
    that was totally tubular dude !
  • Pierre posted on 11.10. at 04:06
    Non non, je ne suis pas un professionnel bien que j'aurais voulu en être un. Je suis juste étudiant en informatique.

    J'utilise Sony Vegas 5.
  • cylune posted on 10.10. at 16:19
    Génial Pierre! Tu fais des bandes annonce encore plus exitante que les bande annonces officielles! Es-tu un professionel?

    Quel programme utilise-tu, si je peux me permettre de demander?
  • sayidfan01 posted on 10.10. at 15:39
    awesome vid!!!!!
  • LVI Bot posted on 10.10. at 14:47
    "Season 3" 10-09-2006
    Trailer of season 3
    Song: X-Ray Dog by Tribal Instinct
    Vidder: Pierre
    Length: 0:58 (8.21MB WMV)


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