Scar by Rocksiren



  • "Scar" 09-20-2006
    Beautiful chaos. September 2006 contest 2nd place winner!
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Scar by Bear McCreary
    Vidder: Rocksiren
    Length: 2:06 (15 MB AVI)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Rocksiren posted on 09.10. at 08:59
    Awww thanks everybody! My first contest winning! Yep still hanging in there with Powerdirector (mainly because its so manageable for me) but I have to do reverse etc in other programs. Thanks to Stephs tutorials, Im attempting my first ever Vegas vid!
  • KajaM posted on 07.10. at 04:05
    Yep, I posted a comment before, too, but man... this is such a great vid! Awesome work, Ruth!!!
  • Uruviel posted on 06.10. at 23:54
    I already told you how awesome this is, Ruth, just wanna say Congrats on 2nd!!!
  • Polarbear posted on 06.10. at 21:59
    Sorry never commented on this before Ruth. I loved the rewinding bit that was amazing and the beat use was great. The effects where you removed the colour were neat. You still using power director?
  • firstanointed posted on 24.09. at 20:36
    Now THIS is a Lost video.

    Holy Frakkin' YEAH!!
  • SuperKC posted on 24.09. at 07:23
    That was incredible! Man it's been so long since I've watched vids. How great was this? Yay.
  • Hobbes posted on 22.09. at 21:39
    xgene wrote:
    "Holy BEAT USE Batman!!!"

    I love you my thoughts exactly!

    I was also quite fond of the yellow extracts you placed on the characters halfway through interesting indeed!
  • Sakaba posted on 22.09. at 08:19
    I only got one word to say and that's WOW!
    It was so amazing and you made me desperatly want LOST more than ever, I was totally thinking: "If someone hasn't seen LOST yet (Those four people ), they would totally start!
  • Rocksiren posted on 21.09. at 16:50
    If youre anything like me (and you probably are, being on this web site and all you freaks!) youre a bit disappointed...the LOST score came out but they included 15 tracks that pretty much sound exactly the same, but left out one GORGEOUS and noteworthy cue- I cal it "the Jungle Walk"...the beginning of it can be heard when Jack, Kate and Charlie are heading to the cockpit through the tall grass. But the full extent can be heard again when those 3 + Locke are going to get water for the first time, and the first time we see the caves in the daytime. Its a phenomenal I took the liberty of creating my own MP3 of it. I have done my best (got out all dialogue and loud noises!) Perhaps someone with a better audio editing program can do something with it, but I think its pretty good. So I present to you:

    "The Awe of the Caves"
  • Ala_Ford posted on 21.09. at 14:04
    wow, awesome vid, i love most ensemble pieces but this was a favorite, any change for a downloadable link to it? please
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