Gone by Fan4Lost

  • "Gone" 09-18-2006
    Sawyer misses Kate
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Gone by *NSYNC
    Vidder: Fan4Lost
    Length: 3:10 (8.6MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Skate"


  • Fan4Lost posted on 20.09. at 08:34
    Download Link: http://www.zshare.net/video/gone3-wmv.html
  • Fan4Lost posted on 20.09. at 08:21
    PsychodelicS: Thanks! Those fades can be a little tricky sometimes, but they are worth it.

    easilyjaded: Thanks so much! I really appreciate everyone's feedback. I worked really hard on this one.
  • easilyjaded posted on 19.09. at 19:38
    Oh my beejeezees. This is one of my favorite videos now. And I don't even ship Skate.

    The biege-y coloring in some clips was so gorgeous, and like everyone else, I love the 'gone' effect. The ending? So brilliant and perfect and sad.
  • Fan4Lost posted on 19.09. at 16:16
    PC, girl! You know I love me some Sawyer! I can't go one day without looking at at least one of the bazillion pictures I have of him. Thanks for watching my vid, I am so proud of it. I'm really starting to get the hang of Sony Vegas! It doesn't frighten as much anymore...LOL.

    Hey cylune, thanks also for watching. I'm glad you all liked it.
  • cylune posted on 19.09. at 15:26
    That was an extremely difficult song to vid and you did a great job with it!! And like other have said, spectacular "gone" effect.
  • PsychoCynic posted on 19.09. at 14:23
    Jeez, Steph!

    I can't believe I listened to NSync for the first time in years. I thought I matured that boy-band stage (guess not? )

    Anyway, I'm so ULTRA-glad I listened to the song, because video that went with it was astonishing! Sawyer (gah!) and talented vidder, what more can I ask for?

    Really loved the editing (the "vanishing" sequences were PERFECT), the lighting, and the clips you chose (that expression Sawyer had on his face when looking at Kate across the fire, was to die for!)

    So, in short, amazing job!
  • PsychodelicS posted on 19.09. at 12:27
    aw, that was so cool!

    making those dissapearing effects suck, no?
    I think it does Had to do it a lot in my vid.

    Anyway, I really love your vid!!
  • Fan4Lost posted on 19.09. at 10:12
    Thanks DS! but who wouldnt love a vid with our yummy Sawyer.
  • Distress Signal posted on 19.09. at 09:04
    OMG, that was the most creative effect I've seen so far! And probably my favorite Skate vid!

    Really, awesome job!
  • Fan4Lost posted on 19.09. at 08:08
    Thanks Sakaba! Not a big fan either, but the song spoke to me.
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