We Are by Spinning Iris



  • "We Are" 09-11-2006
    'It's all about power by taking control.' Originally made upon request by meandi.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: We Are by Ana Johnsson
    Length: 3:55 (25.95MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • meandi posted on 04.02. at 10:28
    ....and you got a Golden CP too! And I haven't congratulated you yet! *is totally embarrased*

  • meandi posted on 04.02. at 10:24

    I never realized my request got vidded!

    Hehe. But now I have. (I went back to look at old requests made by me and saw that you had answered - made me happy!)

    And it was awesome! Just the way I wanted it to be when I requested it. I loved the way you put all the clips in the right line, from the beginning til where they were at the end of season 2 (at the time you made this vid and I didn't see it).
    Good beat use and all, you put the clips to the lyrics great - I loved it!

    Thank you for vidding it, and I am so sorry I haven't commented on my own video request until now... shame on me!

    And as PC said, I'm very happy you did this vid!
  • SuperKC posted on 11.01. at 12:21
    I LOVE this video! Wowowow so good. Stupid that it took me this long to watch and review. I dont know what to say. This was awesome.
  • Skate4ever18 posted on 17.09. at 20:33
    Great video!!!!!! I loved the music and clips you used with it. Congrats, you did a great job.
  • no1slayer posted on 17.09. at 12:20
    really liked this vid, the lyrics match really well
  • Spinning Iris posted on 16.09. at 16:50
    Thanks guys
    Not bad for a video that took a year to make.
    I was not expecting such an enthused response.
    Though, I do remember getting happy chills putting together.
  • buffyfan145 posted on 13.09. at 09:16
    Wow!!! That was probably one of the BEST Lost videos I've ever seen!!! It was perfectly timed and that song really fits with the show!!! Great job!!!
  • Claire_Rockslost247 posted on 12.09. at 14:36
    Awesome Job ! the vid was great and u timed everything perfectly
  • KajaM posted on 12.09. at 05:46
    Awesome work! The interpretation of the lyrics is fantastic!!

    Love watching your vids, they're always well done and very entertaining.
  • lovinJamesF87@yahoo.com posted on 11.09. at 19:30
    wow! i really enjoyed this video, it was very moving and it applies sooo much to the losties. The editing was really good also and your clip choice was dead on. very very good!
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