Take my breath away by Claire_Rockslost247


  • Claire_Rockslost247 posted on 28.08. at 18:03
    aww thanks i didn't know who sang the orignal version and i could only find jessica's verson lol :)anyways I'm glad u liked it
  • cylune posted on 28.08. at 15:15
    I was hesitant to watch this vid because I don't really like Jessica Simpson and I'm not crazy about that song... but that was really nice! Very romantic! I loved Jin and Sun reunion. Those quick clips really made it powerful and you placed it at the perfect time. I'm glad I saw it!! (I think the original version of the song is better though... Top Gun is probably the cheesiest, most cliché movie ever...but I still loved it! )

    I LOVE JUN!!!!
  • Claire_Rockslost247 posted on 28.08. at 14:52
    Thanks i'm really glad u liked it it took for ever to get it done
  • Aislynn posted on 28.08. at 12:33
    Aw, that was such a sweet vid for Sun and Jin! It was nice to see a real "love story" type of vid for them since they usually get much more angsty vids!

    I loved that you made the effort to match the clips with the lyrics like that! (Like if the line said something about "turning" then we'd see somebody turning in the clip... )

    I really enjoyed it!
  • LVI Bot posted on 27.08. at 20:08
    "Take my breath away" 08-27-2006
    a jin and sun video
    Song: Take my breath away by Jessica simpson
    Vidder: Clairerockslost
    Length: 3:16 (480 wmv)

    Link(s): http://media.putfile.com/take-my-breath-away--88

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