Ugly like me by PsychodelicS


  • PsychodelicS posted on 07.05. at 13:16
    I always make my clips long.. that's kinda my style.. I always think it fits better.. well thanks anyway
  • Screwy posted on 09.09. at 17:04
    I really like this song, have seen it on other Skate vids before.

    But I think with this video the clips run on a little too long and the structure of it in comparison to the song could be relooked at. The concept behind the video is great and I've seen other vids of yours and I know you could make it into something really amazing, but at the moment this might seem a little rushed.
    Just my own opinion lol

    x Screwy x
  • PsychodelicS posted on 31.08. at 10:33
    Nobody watching?
  • LVI Bot posted on 21.08. at 15:24
    "Ugly like me" 08-21-2006
    The video shows how much Kate and Sawyer are alike.

    Mostly from Sawyers point of view, telling Kate why shes ugly like him.
    Song: Ugly by The Exies
    Vidder: PsychodelicS
    Length: 3:19 (7.50MB WMV)


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