Intro by Aierel

  • "Intro" 07-19-2006
    Intro for Lost
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Buffy Theme by TV Theme
    Vidder: Aierel
    Length: 1:04 (7.1MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • no1slayer posted on 26.08. at 16:48
    yay i love buffy massive fan here and the buffy music would make great intro for Lost. even though its more mysterious without an into (if you catch my drift)
  • MPV posted on 15.08. at 13:28
    Thank yoooou, Phantom
  • The_Phantom_CC posted on 13.08. at 21:53
    Awesome! Buffy is my first TV love so I really enjoyed it alot.
  • MPV posted on 13.08. at 14:55
  • JateLover posted on 21.07. at 04:14
    I like it, fits to the music very well.. *thumbs up*
  • xoxStephxox posted on 20.07. at 04:22
    i loved your choice of song for this - and the begining how it changed dynamics - great work !
  • posted on 20.07. at 03:22
    i love buffy! that was a good intro, great job!
  • LVI Bot posted on 19.07. at 21:06
    "Intro" 07-19-2006
    Intro for Lost
    Song: Buffy Theme by Nerf Herder
    Vidder: Aierel
    Length: 1:04 (7.1MB WMV)


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