A Girl Worth Fighting For by Spinning Iris

  • "A Girl Worth Fighting For" 07-06-2006
    June 2006 contest submission
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: A Girl Worth Fighting For by Mulan
    Length: 2:52 (18.07MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Ensemble


  • Spinning Iris posted on 23.10. at 14:12
    As of today the youtube link does not work. apparently someone "important" took offence to my using this song.
  • LStar posted on 05.01. at 04:16
    Joined very late, only a few minutes ago in fact. I had to so I could post my admiration of your vid. I loved the lip synching and I think your choices of characters were spot on! Well done!
  • no1slayer posted on 25.08. at 11:06
    PrincessSparkle wrote:
    the only girl who'll have him is his mother....rofl!!!! Brilliant!!!
    that part was wickid.

    and hurley with " it all depends on what she cooks like" hehehehe

    really funny vid , im never going to be able to watch Mulan in the same way again. hilarious vid , great job !
  • PrincessSparkle posted on 20.07. at 06:37
    the only girl who'll have him is his mother....rofl!!!! Brilliant!!!
  • anarxaki posted on 19.07. at 21:09
    Best lines IMO:
    Kate "Huh?"
    Sayid "A girl to adore my battle scars"
    Hurley "It all depends on what she cooks like"
    And the most amazing of all Sayid saying (about Locke) "the only girl who'd love him is his mother". LMAO I was clapping my hands like an idiot "There you go my boy, tell the truth!" hahahahaha

    Ohhh I could talk for hours........
    Is there any chance of a download link? It's a must-have!
  • flight815survivor posted on 17.07. at 12:27
    a classic. lol i enjoyed the credits very well done.
  • Spinning Iris posted on 16.07. at 08:35
    Thanks for all the great comments everyone.
    Sayid makes me laugh in this too. He gets all the best lines.
  • Lostwithoutdom posted on 14.07. at 12:51
    really funny i loved it
  • Polarbear posted on 07.07. at 06:07
    lmao Sayid makes me crack up on this for some reason. Excellent lip synching and really cute vid.
  • KajaM posted on 07.07. at 05:42
    Awwww, what a cute vid! Couldn't stop laughing! Very well done!
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