Night of the Living Dead Girl by LovinJamesF87

  • "Night of the Living Dead Girl" 06-20-2006
    an AU vid ~ Claire is captured by Ethan/theOthers who are zombies and she is turned into one as well and together they turn the rest of the losties into their kind CrAzY i know
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
    Length: 3:21 (9.36M WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: Claire Littleton, Ethan Rom


  • Jemmz posted on 11.11. at 10:13
    Cool! I liked it! The music was awesome! Charlie's expression when Claire said "soon you all will be too." Excellent!
  • Beautifulhell posted on 11.11. at 10:02
    love it
  • Lost Freak 4815 posted on 26.06. at 15:15
    That was really cool. I liked it.
  • posted on 24.06. at 16:13
    Your welcome Peanutbutter4eva!

    Distress Signal, I cant believe you haven't heard this song b4! that's kinda crazy to me, but i'm glad u like it and my vid. much props on your austin powers vid, that was freakin hilarious! (boofricketyhoo)
  • peanutbutter4eva posted on 23.06. at 13:51
    thanks for the download link!
  • Distress Signal posted on 22.06. at 10:26
    Wow, this was so awesome! Very well thought out and well edited! And thanks for having me discover this awesome song!!
  • posted on 22.06. at 08:15
    Thanx for saying that peanutbutter4eva. I'm glad you liked it! Here's the d/l link
  • peanutbutter4eva posted on 22.06. at 06:50
    wow that was really good. i loved it when charlie said 'your dead' and claire went ' soon u will all be dead to'. i really felt like claire was a zombie lol. do u hav a download link cos i would love to have this on my pc to show all my mates!
  • posted on 21.06. at 23:05
    Aislynn thank you for your comment. I'm glad you liked it. Like I said before it's always a good thing getting good reviews from you

    IntoTheVoid some people catagorize me as being crazy so you mite be on to sumthin but thank you also for your comment. I hope your bro liked it too if you showed it to him
  • IntoTheVoid posted on 21.06. at 12:15
    I really loved this vid! Can't believe you thought of something like this! You must have a crazy imagination! I thought the bit where Sayid and Boone were turning into Zombies was good. When The Others injected(whatever it is) into the Losties - that was a good idea and good use of clips!

    I really liked this vid, i might even show my bro (fellow lost fan)
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