Jack Powers vs. Dr. Locke by Distress Signal


  • Fan4Lost posted on 07.10. at 11:17
    OMG, please do more! My whole family was laughing over these. Brilliant!! Sheer Brilliance!
  • anarxaki posted on 25.08. at 13:47
    About a week ago there was "Gordfinger" on TV. I sat down to watch it, just to see what was all about.
    I couldn't. As soon as I saw that scene.... LOL

    Honestly, the Locke scene is soooooooooo much better!
  • no1slayer posted on 25.08. at 13:34
    ok thats was hilarious , i gotta watch it again !
    defo puttin in my faves !
  • Shankle posted on 28.07. at 08:20
    Incredibly awesomely super-funny!!!!!!!! Better than an orchard of jedi apples!!!
  • nina and ian 4-ever posted on 28.07. at 08:13
    I almost choke because, that was so funny!
  • Distress Signal posted on 22.07. at 11:29
    I know! I'm working on a new lip-synching kind of vid and I just left one clip to the side on the timeline, and I don't think I was even going to use it, but when I just played it through it had Locke speaking at a time that matched PERFECTLY with the words, both mouth movements and facial expressions. It was so awesome.

    All the best things happen on accident.

    Glad to know that this vid makes your day.
  • Aislynn posted on 20.07. at 15:51
    I *heart* this vid! Every time I'm feeling a little blue, I go and watch it and it totally puts a smile on my face! I love it when things like the footsteps magically match up! Isn't that the best?
  • cylune posted on 20.07. at 09:50
    Distress Signal wrote:
    It was when I was watching the video again only AFTER I submitted it that I realized "Hey....there's footsteps in the audio, and they match with Locke! Super!"
    Don't you love it when that happens? Happened to me a couple of times... put some clips together and then realized they are right on beat. . And then I get credited for it.

    I just watched it again... still hilarious.
  • Distress Signal posted on 20.07. at 09:36
    Haha, thank you so much for the nice comments anarxaki!

    It was when I was watching the video again only AFTER I submitted it that I realized "Hey....there's footsteps in the audio, and they match with Locke! Super!"

    The idea I got from watching Goldmember for the 86th time. I just had to use that dialogue for something.
  • anarxaki posted on 20.07. at 02:36
    Ok, I think I should stop watching it over and over again and write some words. Sorry! Can't! I need to watch it one more time.......just one more......

    Back. GOD! OMG! I can't believe it! How in the world did you think of that? It was AT LEAST diabolic...... The words matching the lip movement, the face expressions so damn good that if you told me that this one is the REAL dialog I would believe it........
    I can't even find the words to describe it. Daddy issues? DADDY ISSUES?? LOL
    And when Locke says that "shabah" or whatever I had to pause it, whipe my tears and watch it again. Just in time to be shocked when Jack starts crying (as usual) about his father.......
    Even the footsteps matched! As we say in Greece, ELEOS!

    But the most evil of all was the fact that the story was sooooo familiar! Daddy gone, Jack thinking daddy didn't love him..... And Locke looking at him with this look on his face "you too?"

    Enough for now, I think I'm gonna have to watch that again
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