24 by Rocksiren



  • "24" 06-16-2006
    A video about our misunderstood heroine Ana Lucia.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: 24 by Jem
    Vidder: Rocksiren
    Length: 3:20 (16 MB AVI)
  • Characters/Ships: Ana Lucia Cortez


  • Rocksiren posted on 29.10. at 14:54
    Hi everybody

    Updated links above!
  • Lost Freak 4815 posted on 22.10. at 13:36
    Rocksiren, could you please get another download version and/or replace this one? Quicktime just doesn't work for me, a WMV link would work best for me. Thanks for considering.
  • Hobbes posted on 17.08. at 01:00
    How could I not notice this when it came through? I'm so sorry I wish you'd have bugged me by PM over it or something LOL

    Gorgeous video. Such a great song for Ana. I particularly loved how you used the running thing - that's a recurring trait Ana had in the show, and I actually just notied it recently. That's why it's so cool you put it in the vid lol

    Aside from that, holy moly on the effects and such Amazing! That footage from outside of Lost works perfectly, and those flower shots- wow.

    I want more!!!
  • firstanointed posted on 30.06. at 20:17
    Wow. That's got to be some of the best video editing I've seen. Told a poignant story and the music fit the footage. I especially loved the beginning. (a bit reminiscent of Girlfight, hmm! ) Very well done!
  • Rocksiren posted on 23.06. at 04:44
    Well, it just seemed fine to put 2006. I find it totally strange that we are stil supposed to believe theyve only been there less than 6 months. Im not one to nitpick.

    And yep I just used MR's bday.
  • Lost Freak 4815 posted on 22.06. at 18:39
    That was awesome!

    I have one problem with the end - Ana-Lucia didn't live from 1978-2006, the plane crashed on September 22, 2004. That means she lived from 1976-2004. How do you know she is 28 years old, though? Are you just using Michelle Rodriguez's age 'cuz I don't think they ever revealed her age.

    Sorry, good video and thanks for making one tributed to Ana.
  • tacoshack27 posted on 18.06. at 14:21
    Great video. I really enjoyed this one. Loved the song too. Good use of effects and transitions. Good work.
  • IntoTheVoid posted on 18.06. at 14:00
    This vid is really good! The last song is really good, so I downloaded it The editing and the transitions and the effects looked really professional.

    Great vid Rocksiren!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 18.06. at 10:49
    So tear-jerking. I loved it, Ruth! I really liked the suicidal feeling to the video (that is Ana's countdown to her death). The transitions were mind-blowing (especially the flower ones) and the editing was perfect. Hell, I even loved how you managed to sneak in the Saywer/Ana-Lucia scene and still manage to make it depressing.

    Awesome vid! Makes me miss Ana-Lucia.
  • Rocksiren posted on 17.06. at 17:45
    Aww thanks everybody! This one had been inthe works since March- it was just odd coincidence that Ana died and the song became 100% applicable. Yeah she just reminded me of Boudicea, the historical queen. Thought she wouldnt want something fluffy, if it were her but her strength. Also I didnt know Ana's actual B-day, so i used Michelles. All the photos are stock photos and/or photos found of Michelle on her website.
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