Brand New Day by Lostzilla

  • "Brand New Day" 05-20-2005
    A Sequel to my Sidewalks vid.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: Brand New Day by Forty Foot Echo
    Vidder: Lostzilla
    Length: 3:38 (13 MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Jate"


  • lostzilla posted on 18.08. at 03:07
    Added a youtube link
  • quarentaine posted on 03.03. at 16:19
  • lostzilla posted on 02.03. at 07:26
    New Link;4823535;;/fileinfo.html
  • quarentaine posted on 01.03. at 04:10
    can i have a new link please, thanks
  • lostzilla posted on 04.10. at 18:22
    Thanx a bunch morelight
  • MoreLight posted on 17.07. at 18:10
    First thing I have to say is Holy Crap!

    This was a great vid. The timing and the emotions. The best part for me was at 01:17 to 01:18. Those quick flashes were what told me this vid rocks and it only gets better as the vid progresses.

    Prior to viewing Sidewalks I thought I was sick of Jack and Kate and I guess I wasn't. Prior to this I thought still images in a vid didn't belong. Again I am glad to see you proved me wrong as the ones in here (granted they sort of move in the old Flick fashion) really worked very well. As I viewed this vid I thought of how really professional this vid seemed and how it reminded me of some of the best Music Vids from MTV. Great job! I look forward to viewing the rest of your stuff!
  • lostzilla posted on 23.06. at 19:12
  • lucky723 posted on 23.06. at 10:49
    What program or software do you use to create your videos?
  • lostzilla posted on 23.06. at 03:11
    Thanks Ally, and no never had film class or whatsoever. Maybe I should. LOL

    My next vid should be finished sometimes this week. Working on it. Since I have more free time now, with the whole Mr. Brightside thing,.
  • Ally posted on 23.06. at 03:01
    hi there

    ^^ you're really I'm glad to see that you enhanced yoursef, just as I thought

    I loved the scene with nearly the beginngin, when you made Kates little plane apear like flying, athough it was still in her hand ^^
    and after this it looked like her plane crashed

    also he black/white thing, you put over Jacks and Kates old love was so good

    this time the song was stronger than your last choice ( and I Like the song by now XDDD)
    and also the video was stronger, like you let them run forward

    did you ever had a course about films/ filming? Because you're using some tricks ^^

    I'm looking forward to you next vid
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