• Miss_Austen posted on 18.10. at 10:53
    Great Skate Vid!!! Such a good job Miss! I loved the song!!!
  • Jinlovessunxx posted on 14.04. at 13:33
    Wow!! This was such an awesome Skate angsty vid! I loved the song and the beat use was great!
  • LAURA4LAD posted on 14.04. at 10:10
    new link-
  • khaleesi posted on 24.09. at 14:09
    yeah, the link expired, but i'd still really like to see this.

    a new link would be spectacular!
  • sawyer posted on 09.03. at 11:47
    I'm trying to watch this video but everytime I click on the link it sends me to an advestisement for a "Bug Doctor". I hope that someone can figues out the problem because I really lost this song and would like to see the video.
  • Claire_Rockslost247 posted on 05.02. at 11:37
    Hey i tried clicking on the link to see the vid but the site isn't working could u maybe upload the vid to and repost it hope u can ttul
  • LAURA4LAD posted on 29.06. at 21:18
    Sheree wrote:
    HOLY COW!!!! That was BRILLIANT!

    glad you liked it-ty for taking the time to comment-l
  • Sheree posted on 29.06. at 18:31
    HOLY COW!!!! That was BRILLIANT!
  • Hollywood posted on 26.06. at 20:38
    Aww...thanks Laura and anytime.
  • LAURA4LAD posted on 26.06. at 20:34
    and i'm a fan of yours holly-thanks for the kind words-l
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