Burn by Charmax


  • cagedfreedom posted on 30.04. at 10:00
    i really want to see this vid is there a new and working link?
  • Hobbes posted on 12.11. at 16:02
    The video is back online, thanks to a gracious contribution by Morelight!
    the video is in RM, 19 MB. Happy Viewing!
  • Hobbes posted on 11.11. at 18:34
    Anyone with a copy of this on their hardrive (RM version ) could you please upload this to Yousendit for us so we can continue the contest? I'll see if I can get ahold of Charmax, but I doubt it, since we couldn't get her when we tried to contact her to tell her about the contest I'd like it on Yousendit as I don't think Charmax wants it hosted for a long time anywhere other than her own site. If we can't get a working link, we'll have to disqualify the video.
    Thanks to Polarbear for pointing out the missing links btw.
  • freckles_87 posted on 20.08. at 08:39
    could someone update the link??? i really wanna see the vid thanks
  • Hobbes posted on 21.05. at 18:13
  • The Last Soul posted on 28.02. at 12:11
    This is probably one of the coolest Lost videos I have ever seen. Very nicely done. Awesome effects. Overall great job.
  • Hobbes posted on 24.02. at 16:52
    The Charlie bit sounds like "Aerials" to me
    only two vidders!? Drink up that coffee and get to work!
  • MoreLight posted on 24.02. at 10:55
    Coffee's ready but I'm afraid it will be cold and spilled by the time it gets to you. French Vanilla ahhh.

    The other vid with Charlie was one of LAURA4LAD's.

    Coffee the 5th basic food group.
  • Charmax posted on 24.02. at 10:28
    Coffee sounds good - sugar please.
  • MoreLight posted on 24.02. at 10:26
    Yep you posted before I could edit my last post.

    I had a panic when you pointed out the red parts initially. Did I post on the wrong vid? No but I did get a section mixed up. Whew! Going to get coffee now!
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