The Widow by LAURA4LAD




  • LAURA4LAD posted on 14.04. at 10:11
    new link,
  • MovieGuy posted on 14.08. at 22:02
    I hate videos that are good.

    Hey, want me to suck your balls back down??
  • easilyjaded posted on 14.08. at 22:00
    You're saying you used WMM to make this? Girl, I use Adobe Premiere and the one video (or two videos actually) don't even match how high this video is in terms of quality. The song is absolutely amazing and you've created a mood that just made me go....WOW.....
  • kimberwyn posted on 11.08. at 16:34
    That truely is one of the best lost videos out there. No doubt about it.
  • LAURA4LAD posted on 19.07. at 15:18
    thanks for the fb on this, not one of my favorites because of WMM timeline issues. really appreciate the fb though-l
  • PsychoCynic posted on 19.07. at 07:25
    Fantastic video! Watching this video is the one of reasons I became to interested in Sawyer's character. The song matches his past life perfectly. Wonderful work![/i]
  • iceofthestars posted on 06.06. at 18:01
    Aislynn wrote:
    That said, however, I really liked this vid for its moody quality. Very atmospheric and cool! Really nice use of black and white spread throughout (I would imagine that's a technique that would be easy to overdo without realizing it). Are you still just using WMM, Laura? I don't even have to ask what version because I know it can't be 1 or there would be no such thing as b&w effects!

    I *loved* those black/white effects in there. For some reason, one part in the video that I remember right away when I think of it is the shot (black and white, and I think it's in slow-mo...?) of Sawyer setting down the glass of liquor after taking a swig in the "Outlaws" flashback. Dunno why, and I don't know why you need to know that lol, but I thought I'd share anyway, since I love this vid so much. This is one of those vids where I'm surprised that I like the song so much, too, hearing it for the first time with a LOST video accompanied with it. Anyways, thumbs up, awesome video.
  • SuperKC posted on 24.05. at 06:10
    Again this rocked. I still haven't figured out why I haven't commented on this yet. Maybe you should change the LOL in the description dude. People will think it's a comedy. Oh well, then you can surprise them.
  • Hobbes posted on 21.05. at 20:09
  • Uruviel posted on 17.04. at 03:02
    WOW that was an awesome vid!!! Excellent editing, I LOVE this vid!
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