Sawyer the Wanderer by Redhead

  • "Sawyer the Wanderer" 03-18-2006
    Sawyer takes a road trip through his life and towards Kate
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: The Wanderer by Johnny Cash
    Vidder: Redhead
    Length: 4:40 (17.3MB WMV)
  • Characters/Ships: "Skate"


  • FrecklesPhoenix posted on 26.11. at 12:07
    Great job!!

    I loved it. Very nice.

    And ever since Walk the Line, I've become a Johnny Cash fan... nice song.

  • domaholic17 posted on 01.04. at 06:04
    Beautiful video. Skate AU!!! *W00T*!
  • Mandi posted on 31.03. at 21:36
    Aw that was sooo cute! I loved the little conversation at the end. Great video.
  • mmanson posted on 28.03. at 11:37
    You have written Joaquin right He's great
    No, if I make a vid with that song it wouldn't be Skate, sorry. I don't think the song is Skate-y, that's my opinion, of course
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  • Redhead posted on 28.03. at 08:58
    mmason - Yep, Walk the Line is a fantastic film - I went to see it purely for my love of Joaquin(?) Phoenix but I found myself liking June Carter even more. You should definitely do a 'Time's a wastin' vid - would it be skate-y?
  • mmanson posted on 28.03. at 03:35
    Cool, I loved it!
    I like Johnny Cash and the song is awesome:)I was thinking myself, if I could make a vid with the song "Time's a waistin"(he sings there with June Carter).
    The film, that tells the story of Johnny, is cool too. Did you see it. "Walk the line" I mean.
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  • Redhead posted on 27.03. at 01:49
    Mucho thanks to Aislynn, PsychoCynic, SawyerLover and Roxy for commenting! And of course the awesome voice of Mr Johnny Cash
  • *Roxy* posted on 27.03. at 00:30
    That was very enjoyable Redhead.. The song was brilliantly sad, and fit perfectly, really good choice. And for an AU, you made it work incredibly well, every single moment was believable.. and sometimes they don't work. But you did a sound job!! I really liked it.
  • SawyerLover posted on 21.03. at 13:57
    That was really cool! Very well made! The song fitted perfectly!
  • PsychoCynic posted on 20.03. at 08:45
    A very clever idea and well played out!

    Great work!

    (By the way, I'd never heard of that Johnny Cash song - I'll have to look it up now. Thanks for the introduction to it! )
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