Trip Like I Do by firstanointed


  • FrecklesPhoenix posted on 07.01. at 15:49
    Loved it. That video was intense. Nice sense of how these characters are so alike in their patterns of behavior and their attitudes. Well done.

  • GreySpot19 posted on 26.06. at 21:37
    Terrific.... very very very nice.
  • firstanointed posted on 21.03. at 17:38
    Oh! Yay, it's finally up. Thanks Madz25. Glad you liked it!
  • Madz25 posted on 06.03. at 16:13
    ah!!! I loved this, it was so intense!!! The clips were perfect for the song and I loved how you added similar slips for Kate and Ana aswell! Bravo
  • LVI Bot posted on 06.03. at 03:04
    "Trip Like I Do" 02-28-2006
    Cant you trip like these folks?
    Song: Cant You Trip Like I Do by Filter
    Vidder: firstanointed
    Length: 4:30 (12.4MB WMV)


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