It Must Have Been Love by Rocksiren



  • "It Must Have Been Love" 02-20-2006
    For the latest Skate falling out.
  • Fandom: Lost
    Song: It Must Have Been Love by Roxette
    Vidder: Rocksiren
    Length: 3:10 (13 MB AVI)
  • Characters/Ships: "Skate"


  • villana81 posted on 14.03. at 13:23
    ohhh i love your video! it's amazing! love the song too!
  • Lanter posted on 24.02. at 19:53
    Well done. All of the quick shots merged together nicely, plus I have a weakness for this song
  • Mandi posted on 23.02. at 14:42
    Aww! That was so good! I was smiling throughout the whole video cuz it was so cute! I love Skate vids, and you did really well on it! I loved the editing and the clips matched the lyrics perfectly.
  • Aislynn posted on 23.02. at 13:47
    Thanks so much for the extra link!

    Aw, I loved this! The lyrics and entire theme just went so well for an angsty "post TLC" Skate vid! So sorry to hear how you had to go through several programs to get it to all come together for you! I thought that only WMM ever worked a vidder over that way...

    Loved the tear drop sequence! That just rocked!

    And I agree, it's awesome to hear some 80's music every now and again!

    Totally loved it!
  • Blank sky posted on 23.02. at 13:24
    It was definitely a good video i'm so glad that i finally got to watch it .
  • Blank sky posted on 23.02. at 13:11
    It was definitely a good video i'm so glad that i finally got to watch it .
  • thedarkhorse posted on 22.02. at 08:09
    Yes, an old song made new with a great vid! Tho I am more a Jate fan, I really liked this vid.
  • -x- Angelic -x- posted on 22.02. at 07:34
    Cool vid! Loved the song one of my fav!

    Liked the effects too and the clips! Keep up the good work!
  • sweetheart posted on 22.02. at 06:59
    Thoght that I should be a good girl and actually post a comment for once, since I know that I want comments on my vids.

    I really liked it. Especially the "teardrop in your palm" part & that's not even from the show Excellent vidding! Roxette is a good choice aswell.. (I am making a Spending my time vid)
  • Rocksiren posted on 22.02. at 05:55
    Thanks guys, that means a lot to me, really. This video became my nemesis....first my good program crashed in the middle (twice), then it was started a couple of times on other editors (actually finished on ULEAD, which played haltingly) then I crawled back to Powerdirector and finally finished it. I had thought about scrapping it, but it pissed me off so much I HAD to finish it.
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